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Grow revenue and accelerate time to market with Cyren security engines

Cyren protects more than 2 billion users against emerging threats

The Keyes Company
Internet Initiative Japan

Product Managers and Service Providers embed Cyren’s threat detection engines to
increase their product’s value and trustworthiness.

Cyren Web Security Engine​

  • We increasingly use the Internet to conduct our business and personal lives, but web-borne threats are more prevalent than ever.​
  • Cyren’s Web Security Engine provides real time URL classification and secure web browsing for all devices.
  • Available as an API or SDK for simple and flexible integration options

Cyren Malware Detection Engine​

Malware attacks are growing. Cyren’s Malware Detection Engine:

  • Leverages Intelligent Signatures, Advanced Emulation, and Heuristics to correlate web traffic and suspicious files​
  • Uses deobfuscation tools to break down packed files and find hidden threats​
  • Provides the latest signatures and definitions, ensuring end-users are protected against the latest malware

Cyren Email Security Engine

With Cyren’s Email Security Engine, you can curb mailbox abuse and:

  • Block any type of attack–spam, malware or phishing in real-time​
  • Block any type of attacker–Zombie computers, compromised accounts, spammer accounts, and webmail spam.

Cyren Threat Lookup

Get instant evaluation of your file hash queries from Cyren’s real-time global security cloud. Lookup integration points can include: 

  • In-network or proxy server​
  • Firewall, NGFW, UTM or appliance​
  • Email server (MTA)​
  • Content scanner (email framework such as amavisd)​
  • Advanced threat protection like sandboxing and queuing

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