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The Phishing Issue: From Targeted Attacks to High-velocity Phishing

(Report) Gain insight on the global rise of phishing attacks with Cyren’s special report. Become better informed on phishing and its various sub-genres like business email compromise, financial phishing, spear phishing, and whaling.


Cyren's Email Security Gap Analysis: Aggregated Results

(Report) Cyren examined 11.7 million inbound emails at companies using various email security solutions to measure any possible "security gaps" in their protection – read the aggregated results.


Internet security that protects your business at cloud speed

Cyren uses its extensive cloud-based detection capabilities to power an advanced suite of SaaS security solutions that protect businesses when they use the internet.

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Cyren wins 2018 Cybersecurity Excellence Award

Cyren wins Cybersecurity Excellence Award!

The 2018 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards honor individuals, products and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security. We are honored that Cyren Email Security has been selected as the winner in the Email Security product category.

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Relying on Cyren Threat Intelligence

Broadest visibility to global internet threats

As the security technology of choice for industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft, and Check Point, the Cyren Cloud is the largest security cloud and therefore the first to detect emerging internet threats and take action against them. Cyren delivers the world's fastest, most accurate and scalable cyber security services.

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