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Cyren Hybrid Analyzer

Identify novel malware 100 times faster than a sandbox

Cyren Hybrid Analyzer detects hidden malware threats earlier
so you can make better security decisions and reduce costs of malware incidents.

Cyren Hybrid Analyzer Dashboard

Faster. Better. Less expensive.

With Cyren Hybrid Analyzer you can scan EVERY file to find and block threats

Analyzes file properties and behavior at high speed and low cost

Gives you relevant and accurate information for real-time policy enforcement and incident response

Never compromise privacy for security; no cloud required

How it works

Combines static malware analysis and advanced emulation technology

Cyren’s emulation engine quickly uncovers behaviors without executing the file

File properties and behaviors are scored to indicate likelihood of maliciousness

Equally effective in connected and air-gapped environments


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to learn more about hybrid analysis.

Seeing is believing.
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Comprehensive and flexible

100 times faster than a malware sandbox and 5-20 times faster than other file analysis tools

Provides and scores over 1,100 indicators (and growing)

Analyzes files for Windows, Mac, and Android

Available as an SDK, daemon, and container

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