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Stop ransomware attacks

before they start.

Ransomware such as CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, and Locky targets your business with cyber attacks that leverage both email and the web to fool your employees and penetrate your defenses.

These attacks encrypt, and increasingly steal, all the files on the affected system and can spread to other connected devices.

Once infected, cyber criminals demand that victims pay the ransom to regain access to the files or face the consequences of a data breach and prolonged business disruption.

Many ransomware infections begin with a successful phishing attack that provides cyber criminals with remote access.

Ransomware attacks are evolving and lucrative

Cyren threat intelligence shows that new families and variants of ransomware emerge constantly and leverage multiple precursors including phishing, trojans, backdoors, and droppers.

  • 4% of malicious emails contain malware
  • Cyren detects 130,000 new malicious files each day
  • Recovering from a ransomware attack costs $2.09M

Stay ahead of ransomware attacks in Microsoft 365

Cyren Inbox Security continously detects and automatically responds to email-borne ransomware attacks and the precursor steps in the kill chain.

  • Prevents credential phishing attacks to deny ransomware attackers presence on your network
  • Quickly analyzes suspicious objects using proprietary threat intelligence, heuristics, emulation, and sandboxes to spot evasive and zero-day malware

Cyren Inbox Security helps Bespoke Hotels wave goodbye to ransomware attacks after suffering a near miss.

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