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Security Awareness Training Won’t Give CISOs or Employees Peace of Mind

by Mike Fleck, Senior Director, Sales Engineering

Phishing Security Practices

I attended a virtual roundtable discussion with CISOs this week.  The session opened with a somber question:  what keeps you up at night?

Email spoofing BEC attack targeting numerous employees at once

by Daria Aleksandrova

Security Research & Analysis

Spear-phishing spoofed attacks have been and remain one of the most substantial cyber threats that organizations face nowadays.

Phishers abusing Google App Engine

by Magni Reynir Sigurðsson

Security Research & Analysis

Over the last few weeks Cyren has observed a massive spike in phishing sites hosted on domain that Google uses for its Google App Engine. 

Microsoft reports a “leap in attack sophistication”

by Cyren Security Blog

Security Research & Analysis

Last month Microsoft released a sobering Digital Defense Report.

How Scammers Leverage Email Delivery Services like SendGrid and MailChimp in Phishing Attacks

by Daria Aleksandrova

Lately, among the myriad phishing attacks we observe and detect via Cyren Inbox Security...

Anatomy of a Phishing Attack: Stolen Microsoft 365 Credentials

by Daria Aleksandrova

Phishing attacks designed to steal Microsoft 365 credentials are launched every day and growing more sophisticated. We recently detected a massive attack that hid a fake Microsoft 365 login page in the incoming emails’ attachments.