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Cloud Hosted File-based Malware Attacks are on the rise

Today’s organizations rely on a multitude of tools intended to increase employee productivity and collaboration. Users routinely share a large volume of files including documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc. that allow them to instantly communicate and collaborate. This increased reliance on email communication and cloud file-storage/sharing platforms has given rise to an increased number of incidents involving file-based malware and file-based phishing. Users and organizations trust your product/tool to provide a safe platform to share content and collaborate. Any breach of this trust can lead to unintentional spread of malware, infect your customers, and cause irreparable damage to your brand. Trusted by many of the largest technology brands in the world, Cyren’s Malware Detection Engine is the best solution for hardware, software, and service providers needing a security solution that combines superior detection with maximum performance. Cyren’s Malware Detection Engine offers multi-layered detection, modular architecture, and multi-platform support.

Focused on the latest outbreaks

With new malware files being consistently shared via email, instant communication, and file-sharing platforms, it is critical to ensure that your product can protect user-trust by ensuring a safe environment to communicate and collaborate. With email being the primary threat vector responsible for more than 90% of breaches, information about the latest outbreaks can be gathered by analyzing email traffic.

  • Cyren leverages multiple detection techniques including Intelligent Signatures, Advanced Emulation, and Heuristics to detect email-based threats, and analyze and correlate them with those found in web traffic and suspicious files.
  • Cyren also uses multiple microscanners (deobfuscation tools) allowing the malware detection engine to break down a large file into the smallest parts for comprehensive protection against threats hidden in packed files.
  • Cyren Malware Detection Engine provides product teams with the latest signatures and definitions ensuring that the product can protect its end-users against the latest malware.

Rapid Detection With/Without Network Connectivity

Traditional malware detection solutions have relied on network connectivity to access new malware signatures, hashes, and definitions to improve their detection capability. However, some customers are unable or unwilling to send data to 3rd party cloud infrastructures as it may contain PII or other identifiable information. Cyren’s Malware Detection Engine offers best-of-breed detection capabilities regardless of network connectivity and does not rely on cloud-based lookups to provide accurate detection.

  • When installed in an offline environment, the customer can download the latest definitions (hourly or as needed) directly to ensure detection against the latest threats.
  • When installed with network connectivity, our new Cloud Assist capability allows you to rapidly address new threats as they materialize (as soon as analyzed by Cyren) and help guard against false positives.

Effective Detection of Packed/Obfuscated Files

Innovative threat actors have often used packing or obfuscation to make their files difficult to detect and analyze. By making binary and textual data unreadable/or hard to understand, these files evade network defenses to infect an organization and achieve their objective.

  • Cyren’s advanced Malware Detection Engine can quickly breakdown a large file into its smallest components and rapidly scan them individually for malicious artifacts.
  • By scanning the smallest components using Cyren’s microscanners (deobfuscation tools), the Malware Detection Engine can allow you to proactively detect new malware (since these components are often repackaged to create new malware).
  • Additionally, Cyren can easily detect packed files like scripts inside a PDF, macros inside an office document, or a file within a zip file.

Powered by Cyren GlobalView™

Today’s malware threats are altering their behavior along numerous dimensions to avoid detection by traditional technologies, requiring a new level of sophisticated analysis. Cyren’s GlobalView™ security cloud processes over 25 billion internet transactions a day and performs rich correlation across multiple detection vectors to block over 300 million threats daily, giving you the ability to rapidly identify advanced threats and respond to them. Cyren GlobalView applies machine analytics to automatically transform data into actionable insights. Cyren’s Malware Detection Engine leverages GlobalView to ensure rapid threat detection and analysis.

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