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Contextualized, Actionable Threat Intelligence Helping Enterprises Tackle New Email-Borne Security Threats

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The Need for Timely Threat Intelligence 

With more than 300 billion emails being sent daily, it is no surprise that threat actors prefer email as their primary threat vector.  Recent data suggests that over 90% of breaches begin with a single email and 2/3 of breach victims are large enterprises.  This highlights the risks posed by evolving threats and attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) and their impact (financial, brand, etc.) on enterprises. Enterprise security leaders and practitioners can outsmart the attackers and protect their enterprise by gaining timely visibility into these evolving email-borne threats. Existing security tools are programmed to be highly effective in detecting and stopping known threats, but these very tools may be blind to newer attack tactics without actionable intelligence, increasing organizational vulnerability.

Cyren Threat InDepth

Actionable Intelligence That Helps You See More & Stop More

Cyren recognizes the importance of email-borne threats and gathers actionable intelligence by analyzing and processing billions of daily transactions in Cyren GlobalView™ Threat Intelligence cloud. By correlating insights gathered across email content, web traffic, and suspicious files; Cyren provides security teams with a multi-dimensional presentation of critical threat characteristics. 

Powered by GlobalView, Cyren Threat InDepth’s contextualized threat intelligence allows enterprise security teams to gain unique visibility into evolving email-borne threats and make meaningful decisions to combat them. Threat InDepth is available to enterprises as – Phishing & Fraud URL Intelligence, Malware URL Intelligence, Malware File Intelligence, and IP Reputation Intelligence.

IP Reputation Intelligence

Phishing & Fraud URL Intelligence

Malware URL Intelligence

Malware File Intelligence

What Makes Threat InDepth Unique

First to Detect, First to Protect

Provides timely intelligence before other vendors

Global and Expanded Focus

Provides unique threat visibility into the evolving threat landscape

Machine Generated, Human Curated

Industry trusted intelligence that improves detection efficacy of your security investments

Synchronized Intelligence

Correlated, contextualized insights that speed up threat detection and response

Benefits for Security Executives

Benefits for Security Practitioners

Understand the impact of evolving threats on your organization Gain unique visibility into evolving attacks before other vendors
Reduce organizational risk while maintaining business continuity and productivity Reduce Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Respond (MTTR)
Gain access to timely, contextual, and actionable threat intelligence before other vendors  and Improve meaningful decision making Correlated, contextualized insights for smart and rapid decision-making
Improve accuracy and speed of threat detection and response High-fidelity threat intelligence with minimal false positives
Gain higher-value from current security investments Improve detection effectiveness and efficiency

3 Pillars Of Cyren Threat Intelligence


Cyren provides sustained visibility to massive amounts of data collected from billions of internet transactions daily. The data includes detailed characteristics of for all types of threats. Cyren Threat Intelligence Lifecycle powers automated and continuous classification and analysis of all types of threat related data. No company sees more threats than Cyren.


Cyren GlobalView applies machine analytics to automatically transform data into actionable insights for tech companies, service providers and enterprises. As the threat landscape has changed, Cyren developed specialized analytics to detect new types of attacks. Customers rely on Cyren threat detection to improve the quality and speed of threat response.


Cyren relies on the expertise of dedicated researchers, analysts and domain specialists. These experts are hyper focused on new threats and use proprietary tools and processes, like Cyren’s unique threat sandbox, for early and accurate detection. Cyren combines human insight analytics with machine analytics to detect threats, known and new, in just seconds to minutes.

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