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Cyren Email Security

Integrated protection against phishing, malware, and spam

Cyren provides industry-leading detection, allowing real-time blocking of email threats and abuse in any language or format with virtually no false positives.

Cyren Inbox Security Process Wheel Constant Monitoring

Early and accurate detection

Cyren’s patented Recurrent Pattern Detection technology (RPD) detects and blocks attacks earlier than other solutions

Effective threat protection without compromising privacy of your customers’ data

Reduce operating costs – high throughput and low resource requirements

Block any type of attack and attacker

Detect malware, phishing, inbound spam, and outbound spam

Block botnet hosts, compromised accounts, spammer accounts, and webmail spam

Accurate and relevant insights based on billions of daily transactions


Learn how Recurrent Pattern Detection solves the challenges of detecting new threats early and accurately.

Support for any email security use case.

Flexible integration and licensing

Configurable layers of detection for malware outbreaks, sender IP reputation, inbound spam, and outbound spam

Multiple integration options to support different environments and approaches

Fast time to market, low maintenance, and minimal resource requirements

    Relentless detection of global threats

    The Cyren Email Security Engine is powered by our GlobalView™ security cloud.

    GlobalView constantly analyzes email, file, and web traffic for novel and resurgent threats

    Provides the earliest detection in the industry


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