Email Security Engine

Stay Focused - Stop Phishing!

Email Is The Communication Engine Of Any Business - Choose Cyren For Keeping Email Secure

Cyren OEMs the Email Security Engine to cyberdefenders to detect threats at the vendor endpoints – web and email gateways and anti-spam, anti-malware solutions.

Curb mailbox abuse, advanced malicious send and malware outbreak detection. Cyren will:

  • Block any type of attack–spam, malware or phishing in real-time
  • Block any type of attacker–Zombie computers, compromised accounts, spammer accounts, and webmail spam

Cyren Email Security Engine Includes Complete SDKs Providing Holistic Insight To Email Threats.

Virus Outbreak

Sender IP Reputation

Inbound and
Outbound Spam

Cyren Threat Intelligence Powers The Email Security Engine

  • Enable inbound/outbound email traffic classification including phishing and malware
  • Detect threats from highly organized, deliberate attacks by cybercriminals
  • Ban emails network wide based on source and destination IPs
  • Features zero hour capability
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Cyren Email Security Engine - Rapid Implementation And Ease Of Use

Advantages: speed with accuracy

  • Language agnostic for global deployment
  • No wait time for feedback – see threats earlier to act faster
  • Scales to hundreds of messages per second per single processor
  • Features volumetrics – patented recurrent pattern detection and statistical pattern identification

Cyren Email Security Engine includes SDKs for Inbound/Outbound Spam, Virus Outbreak Detection and Sender IP Reputation. Together they provide comprehensive protection from email borne malware.

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Cyren Email Security Engine Simply Does More

Your customers choose and trust solutions with strong threat detection capabilities like Cyren

Engineers appreciate Cyren’s fresh threat intelligence: increases productivity and lowers operational costs

Improves time to market: –choosing Cyren SDKs keeps your focus on delivering unique value

Low TCO: high performance with minimal maintenance – Cyren threats continually refresh and update

Cyren Sees More So You Can Do More - Faster

Cyren GlobalView provides sustained visibility into massive amounts of diverse data, collected from billions of transactions across the internet.

Cyren applies machine analytics and human insight analytics to detect threats hiding in plain sight, ensuring early detection. Early detection is critical to preventing business disruption and containing the cost of remediation.

Cyren provides global expertise - researchers and analysts constantly interacting with threat data to analyze and classify new threats - to make them known.

This is the Cyren difference – data, analytics and expertise – working together for you.

Product Managers And Service Providers Deploy Cyren Threat Engines To Create Optimal Security Value For Their Customers. Customers Trust Products And Services With Threat Detection Capabilities.

A major telecommunications service provider was experiencing increased customer churn due to concerns over email security. They identified a need to reduce phishing and BEC. Additionally, spam was clogging the network, increasing operational costs. After implementing Email Security Engine, the service provider was able to reduce support costs and most important provide a better subscriber experience leading to increased revenues and the ability to lower operational costs by reducing the workload for staff.

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