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Tuesday, 6th of July

10:30 AM BST

Evasive phishing, BEC and fraud attacks are getting past existing email defenses. The sophistication of these attacks helps them avoid perimeter detection and fool employees, including those who’ve been through Anti-Phishing Security Awareness and Training programs.

Cyren Inbox Security establishes a continuous, adaptive and automated layer of security right in the user mailbox, where it is needed most.

Join Arrow & Cyren on 6th July where we will cover why you should be looking at Cyren for your customers, Cyren Inbox Security in action and the partner opportunity that is there for you. Plus find out how Arrow can help you drive conversations and secure your customers infrastructure.


  • Why Cyren and the opportunity with Microsoft
  • Cyren Inbox Security in action
  • Partner Opportunity - margin benefits
  • Arrow Support
  • Q&A


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Join us for a demo of Cyren Inbox Security (CIS), a new approach to phishing defense that adds a layer of security to provide protection at the inbox for Office 365 users, continuously scanning emails that have already been delivered and automating their removal before your users can fall victim.

A Cyren Solutions Engineer will provide a live demonstration of CIS and answer your questions regarding the service.

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Covid-19 Update

Everyone at Cyren is thinking about the health and safety of our customers, employees and friends like you.

As we all work remotely and shelter in our homes, we continue to look for new ways to connect with you Until live events are rescheduled, we are here for you - virtually. Contact any of our offices to schedule a private session with Cyren experts to understand your requirements, answer questions, or experience the NEW Cyren Inbox Security solution. We know that fear and doubt attract the criminal element making the internet more dangerous than ever. Protect your health with social distancing and protect your company and employees with Cyren.

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