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Eliminate phishing attacks from users’ mailboxes.

Cybercriminals constantly evolve their phishing tactics and use them as precursors for ransomware and business email compromise attacks.

Despite investments in secure email gateways, Microsoft 365 Defender, and security awareness training, an increasing number of phishing attacks penetrate enterprise email defenses every day…

…leaving security teams overwhelmed by alerts and users at a higher risk of compromising the business.

Cyren Inbox Security eliminates the time it takes to investigate and contain phishing threats in users’ mailboxes.

  • Continuously scans mailboxes for latent threats
  • Groups similar incidents into single cases
  • Automated phishing incident response playbooks
  • 24x7x365 managed incident response service

Learn about Inbox
Detection and Response:

“We had an email gateway solution in place and were providing email security training, but we were still riddled with phishing scams”

Wendi Iglesias, CIO at The Keyes Company

Types of Inbox Threats:
80% Phishing, 14% Spam, 5% BEC, 1% Malware

89% of organizations experienced at least one successful phishing breach during the past 12 months


It takes an average of 175 hours to remediate and recover from a successful breach

Calculate your costs to respond to phishing and BEC incidents.

Take the phishing and BEC security maturity assessment.

Learn response techniques for targeted phishing incidents.