Web Security Engine

Boost Detection – Protect Against Malicious Web Sites

More Remote Workers – Bigger Attack Surface – Choose Cyren For Safer Surfing

Cyren OEMs the Web Security Engine to cyberdefenders to filter URLs so customers can block phishing and malware sites.

Businesses access multiple websites – most related to work and some to health and family. Unfortunately, web browsers are targets for sophisticated and deliberate attacks by organized criminals.

Cyren provides real time URL classification and secure web browsing for all devices.

Cyren Web Security Engine Integrates Easily.
Automates Classification Of URLs Into 8 Categories.

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Trust Web Security Engine is powered by Cyren Threat Intelligence

  • Efficient - ultra low latency satisfying 99% of queries on the local device
  • Reliable – self learning caches adapt to local conditions
  • Resilient – real time updates on 200 million relevant URLs
  • Flexible – deploys on any platform, no local storage required
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Cyren Website Security Engine - Resilient And Flexible

Simple design for fast response: An HTTP request is received by the gateway. The gateway checks Cyren’s local cache first and if necessary, defaults to Cyren GlobalView. Based on the URL classification, the vendor device blocks, allows or removes content. Classification is based on fresh threat intelligence maintained by GlobalView.

Businesses value this capability to comply with human resource policies and other regulatory requirements. Web Security Engine, integrated with web gateways, strengthens protection for remote workers on devices outside the enterprise network.

The Web Security Engine classifies URL requests at the vendor provided web security gateway or other device.

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Cyren Web Security Engine Simply Does More

Your customers choose and trust solutions with strong threat detection capabilities like Cyren

Engineers appreciate Cyren’s fresh threat intelligence: increases productivity and lowers operational costs

Improves time to market: –choosing Cyren SDKs keeps your focus on delivering unique value

Low TCO: high performance with minimal maintenance – Cyren threats continually refresh and update

Cyren Sees More So You Can Do More - Faster

Cyren GlobalView provides sustained visibility into massive amounts of diverse data, collected from billions of transactions across the internet.

Cyren applies machine analytics and human insight analytics to detect threats hiding in plain sight, ensuring early detection. Early detection is critical to preventing business disruption and containing the cost of remediation.

Cyren provides global expertise - researchers and analysts constantly interacting with threat data to analyze and classify new threats - to make them known.

This is the Cyren difference – data, analytics and expertise – working together for you.

Product Managers And Service Providers Deploy Cyren Threat Engines To Create Optimal Security Value For Their Customers. Customers Trust Products And Services With Threat Detection Capabilities.

A global mobile device manufacturer was challenged by the move to a 5G network. Subscriber privacy and identity protection remained critically important. Not only could security lapses impact the subscriber experience, there were serious implications for GDPR and CCPA including steep regulatory fines. This company implemented several Cyren Threat Engines including the Web Security Engine. Web Security Engine provides filtering at the edge of the network based on URL or domain. Cyren enables a clean network perimeter by integrating threat intelligence into network appliances and cloud solutions to increase solution quality.

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