Sika Group chooses Cyren Inbox Security to combat Microsoft 365 Phishing Attacks

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An Essential Phishing Protection Solution For Every Office 365 Mailbox

Evasive phishing, BEC and fraud attacks are getting past existing email defenses. The sophistication of these attacks helps them avoid perimeter detection and fool your employees, including those who’ve been through Anti-Phishing Security Awareness and Training programs.

Cyren Inbox Security establishes a continuous, adaptive and automated layer of security right in the user mailbox, where it is needed most. Delivered as a native cloud service, Cyren Inbox Security provides:


Continuous Anti-Phishing Monitoring and Detection

Persistent rescanning of inbound, outbound and delivered emails in all folders assures prompt detection of evasive attack indicators, while real-time analysis of user and mailbox behaviors identifies anomalies that point to a possible threat.

Automated Phishing Response and Remediation

Policy-based response framework automates remediation actions in individual mailboxes and across all mailboxes in the organization, while automated incident and case management workflows further reduce investigative overhead and accelerate threat resolution.

Crowd-sourced user detection

Our seamless mailbox plugin lets users scan and report suspicious emails at will, and automatically close the feedback loop on alerts, which reinforces your security training and provides valuable crowdsourced threat intelligence that is fed back into the system to improve threat detection.

With Cyren Inbox Security you can:

  • Shorten SOC time to respond and remediate phishing threats
  • Engage every employee in the fight against cyber threats and reinforce security awareness training
  • Reduce cost of phishing response and remediation
  • Better utilize Cybersecurity skills and resources through automation
  • Plug the gap in corporate email security
  • Reduce alert fatigue and avoid analyst attrition or unnecessary SOC team expansion
  • Protect investments in Secure Email Gateway and other existing solutions

Help Your Phishing Protection Team Respond Faster, Perform Better

With Cyren Inbox Security, your IT admins and security teams enjoy a complete management dashboard plus robust workflows that simplify incident response and investigation processes, and automate remediation. Security teams no longer have to spend hours manually reviewing and removing malicious emails, as Cyren phishing protection solution does the heavy lifting for you with:

  • Automatic aggregation of similar incidents into a single case
  • Clear and detailed display of threat forensics per phishing incident and case
  • Automatic incident investigation and similarity searches
  • Automatic remediation of incident or case across all mailboxes
  • Automatic remediation of threats detected by 14-day retro scan at time of onboarding
  • Simple integration with SIEM and SOAR

Easy to Onboard Phishing Protection Solution

Cyren Inbox Security is fully integrated with Office 365, so you can onboard in just a few clicks and be up and running in minutes, without making a single change to other security equipment or systems. Cyren's phishing protection solution performs an automatic “retro” scan on each mailbox at onboarding to establish a secure baseline and ensure that there are no lingering phishing threats in the mailbox. The process is not invasive to users, and simple for IT admins to onboard 50 or 5000 accounts.

Use Cyren Incident Response Service and Gain Peace of Mind

If your security team is stressed out and struggling to respond to alerts, your business is at risk. Let Cyren Incident Response Service (CIRS) step in and shoulder that burden for you. With CIRS consultants constantly on the lookout for suspicious emails, mailbox anomalies, and cyber trends, you can assure fast and effective response to phishing attacks that threaten your Office 365 users and your business.

  • Relieve your SOC team from complicated and stressful threat investigation and response
  • Gain advanced anti-phishing skills and resources for your cyber defense
  • Eliminate alert backlog and fatigue
  • Assure employees receive a timely response to the threat they report
  • Detect changing evasion tactics as attackers pivot and try new
  • Assure every threat is resolved and none fall through the cracks

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