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Inbox Security for Office 365

Protect against advanced phishing attacks

Cyren protects 1.3 billion users against emerging threats

Protect Office 365 users against sophisticated phishing threats. Cyren Inbox Security continuously monitors Office 365 inboxes and automatically remediates advanced email phishing attacks that evade SEGs.

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Continuously search for evasive email threats

Unlike the one-time pass done by SEGs, Cyren leverages Office 365’s native API integration to continuously look for threats – helping to protect you from evasive phishing attacks. Cyren Inbox Security:


  • Rescans inbound, outbound and delivered emails in all folders
  • Analyzes URLs and web pages in real time
  • Looks for anomalies and threat indicators in email sender/recipient behavior

Counter sophisticated phishing threats

Powerful, automated remediation tools identify, mitigate, and protect your enterprise from attacks that evade the SEG’s perimeter defenses:

  • Phishing attacks using delayed URL activation, URLs hidden in attachments, HTML obfuscation, sophisticated encryption, and real and valid SSL certificates
  • Spear phishing and spoofed messages that carry no payload to detect
  • BEC, CEO fraud, and other targeted social engineering attacks
  • New zero-day email phishing campaigns
  • Account takeovers and monitoring of internal email
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Eliminate the burden on SOC teams to investigate and remediate phishing threats

When phishing attacks break through, Cyren:

  • Investigates phishing incidents and triggers similarity searches
  • Consolidates similar events into a single case, reducing alert fatigue
  • “Claws back” suspicious messages from all impacted inboxes
  • Leverages policy-based response frameworks to take further automated remediation actions
  • Auto-recovers false positives

Cyren automatically remediates 97% of phishing attacks on average.

Users can scan suspicious emails with the click of a button

Cyren’s seamless Office 365 mailbox plugin lets users scan and report suspicious emails in real-time.

“The fact that CIS allows users to scan and report emails directly from their inbox is a huge help. Before, we received a huge number of tickets asking whether an email was legitimate.”
Wendi Iglesias

CIO, The Keyes Company

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Identify and remediate existing phishing threats hidden in your users’ inboxes

Upon installation, Cyren automatically conducts an historical scan of all email folders to eradicate hidden phishing threats lurking in user inboxes.

Live phishing protection in 5 clicks


It takes just 5 clicks to onboard your Office 365 environment.

  • Transparent to ATP and email gateways
  • Intuitive administration, easy to use
  • Simple integration with SIEM and SOAR

“Cyren is such an easy solution. At a moment’s notice I can have it deployed.”

Damian Stalls

vCIO Director, Fluid Networks

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24/7 email threat response service

Eliminate the time your security team spends investigating suspicious emails with Cyren’s Incident Response Service. Our experts operate around the clock, every day, and every holiday to relieve the SOC team from time consuming and stressful threat investigation and response.

“Cyren’s IR team has shifted a huge burden from our shoulders to theirs.”

Damian Stalls

vCIO Director, Fluid Networks

Phishing attack protection for Office 365 accounts

This guide takes a deep dive into corporate email security to explain why Office 365 remains highly vulnerable to phishing threats.

“We had an email gateway solution, but we were still riddled with phishing scams and handling an obscene number of tickets asking whether an email was legitimate. Our support desk spent 25% of its time just resolving email queries and threats. With Cyren Inbox Security, the time we spent resolving email queries and threats dropped by 40%.”

Wendi Iglesias, CIO at The Keyes Company

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“I no longer deal with phishing emails. I log into the system just to see how much Cyren Inbox Security has taken off my team’s plate.”
— Damian Stalls, vCIO Director @ Fluid Networks

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“With Cyren’s automated detection and response capabilities, our team has become much more efficient and effective in neutralizing phishing attacks.”

Justas Narauskas, Manager, Cyber Defense Team at Sika Group

“Cyren is invaluable in today’s world. It gives hard-pushed admins intelligent, corporation-wide remediation for phishing emails that slip through traditional mail filters. Highly recommend.”

-Peter Carr via Azure Marketplace


“We needed to further protect our users from malicious attacks. More importantly we needed a solution that required the least amount of involvement from our team. Cyren is the best inbox security for any organization.”

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Catch advanced phishing attacks against Office 365