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Combat growing mobile security threats.

The proven solution for mobile malware

Cyren Mobile Security delivers the most reliable and proven tool available to combat increasing malware and other web-borne threats – including newly emerging ransomware – providing a solid differentiator to grow market share and revenue. The solution is ideal for a range of partners, including mobile device management (MDM) platforms, business app developers, security vendors, app stores, device manufacturers, and mobile operators. Mobile Security for Android features:

  • Maximum protection from new and emerging threats – Cyren Mobile Security delivers a zero-hour view of global security threats including worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, and other potentially unwanted application types, based on real-time data from the entire Cyren product portfolio.
  • Flexibility with simple integration – Cyren’s embedded solution is easily integrated to bring your enhanced solution to market in record time.
  • An optimized software development kit (SDK) – Our SDK’s modular design for mobile environments gives partners industry-leading performance through ultra-low processing bandwidth consumption, low memory usage, and low storage requirements.

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Your business is being targeted by viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, and ransomware. Learn what you can do to protect your data, customers, and reputation.

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Today's mobile devices are dangerously susceptible to attack. Learn how to protect against malware, phishing, ransomware, and other dangerous internet threats that have the potential to infiltrate your systems.

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Flexible business model, fast integration, increased market share

Cyren Mobile Security offers great detection capabilities, as well as a smooth technology integration, so you can quickly begin increasing your market share and revenue. Our flexible, partner-oriented model includes commercial arrangements that fit any business model. The benefits of Cyren’s Mobile Security include:

  • The opportunity to grow revenue quickly – With quick differentiation for a fraction of the build price, vendors and service providers can easily add industry-leading Antivirus and web security to Android offerings
  • Protection against malware, phishing, and web threats – Accurate web security and superior detection is based on a combination of heuristics, signatures, and the Cyren GlobalView Cloud, and is specifically tailored for Android.
  • Value-added opportunities – Expand to full URL filtering, enabling applications like parental control, enterprise compliance, and productivity.
  • Seamless user experience – No drained battery, no slow-down of other applications, no bloated storage use, no big data bills. Fast scanning, low CPU and low runtime memory use ensure a great user experience.

What others are saying...

We made a strategic decision to integrate advanced security protection into DriveLock and Cyren’s security services are just what we needed. It was amazing to see how easy it was to integrate Cyren Embedded Antivirus into our software. Our customers will benefit from its speed and reliable malware detection.

Udo Riedel – CEO and Founder, CenterTools

Patented and powerful analytics deliver mobile security

Cyren’s Mobile Security is powered by our GlobalView™ Cloud infrastructure, which processes more than 17 BILLION internet transactions every day, providing both instantaneous and predicative detection to protect users and give partners the competitive edge.

The Cyren embedded Mobile Security engine uses a modular framework to enable rapid addition of new detection mechanisms to address new threats – particularly important in the growing mobile malware environment of today.  Each threat protection module within the framework is designed to scan specific objects (e.g. PDF file scanner) or search for specific virus types (e.g. polymorphic virus scanner).

25B Security Transactions Daily

1.3B Users Protected

300M Threats Blocked Daily