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Anti-Phishing Software Solutions: What Are They?

We live in a fully digital world, where daily communication and business correspondence is done over email. While a multitude of benefits has come from this dependence on digital communication like increased productivity and efficiency, one threat persists, and it’s phishing. Phishing cybercrimes have grown exponentially over the past decade and they are not slowing down. From disguising oneself as someone trustworthy in an email in order to steal one’s sensitive data like passwords and credit card information, to gaining access to an entire organization’s network, these attacks have the potential to target thousands of people at once.

So, how do we protect ourselves and our business? That’s where an anti-phishing software solution comes in. Designed with the sophisticated tactics of phishers in mind, anti-phishing solutions are increasingly becoming a priority for businesses across sectors who want to protect the valuable information of their organization and employees. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Anti-Phishing Solutions

You may have some questions about what an anti-phishing solution actually is and how it can protect your business. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get.

What is An Anti-Phishing Solution?

An anti-phishing solution is a type of software designed to identify and block different types of phishing tactics and malicious activity in order to safeguard sensitive data. 

How Does An Anti-Phishing Solution Work and Can Phishing Be Prevented?

An anti-phishing solution works by utilizing AI-capabilities to scan emails, attachments, and URLs for fraud and automatically remediating the threat from every affected inbox. They are designed to pick up on language that suggests malicious activity, impersonation, or fraud, and prevent users from falling victim to scams. 

What Types of Phishing Does A Software Solution Protect Against?

A phishing software solution can protect users from a number of phishing types and tactics. At Cyren, our phishing solution protects Microsoft 365 users from spear phishing, spoofed messages like business email compromise, CEO fraud, and credential (account takeover) threats. 

How Long Does it Take to Implement Anti-Phishing Software?

Implementing an anti-phishing software solution is a simple onboarding process if cloud-based integrations are used. The team at Cyren is happy to assist in implementing anti-phishing software to your company’s Office 365 environment, a process that only takes a few minutes and clicks of a mouse. 

What is the Best Anti-Phishing Solution?

Cyren’s anti-phishing software solutions were designed with today’s cybercrime concerns in mind. It utilizes advanced anti-phishing technology to pick up and contain the most complex phishing tactics happening in recent years, with our solutions protecting up to 1.3 billion users against emerging threats. 

Final Thoughts

Phishing activity is not going away any time soon and as our world continues to become increasingly digitized, businesses large and small need to have an anti-phishing strategy in place in order to protect their company and employees from fraud. 

Ready to learn more about how an anti-phishing solution can protect your business? Get a demo with the Cyren team today. 

Jan 20, 2022 | Phishing

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