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Cyren Incident Response Service

Automatically Remediate Phishing Attacks

Cyren protects 1.3 billion users against emerging threats

Phishing attacks don’t happen during convenient business hours in your timezone – and roughly 80% of phishing victims are hooked during the first 60 minutes of a new phishing attack. Immediate action and remediation is critical, but 24/7 support is a crippling burden on IT and SOC teams.

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Relieve the burden on IT teams

Cyren’s Incident Response Service relieves the SOC team from time-consuming and stressful threat investigation, response and potentially, phishing attack remediation.

  • Reduce alert backlog and fatigue
  • Assure every phishing threat is quickly handled and none fall through the cracks
  • Liberate SOC teams to tackle strategic priorities

“Cyren’s IR team has shifted a huge burden from our shoulders to theirs.” – Damian Stalls, vCIO Director at Fluid Networks

Incident response with expert support

  • Cyren’s dedicated security analysts have the incident response expertise to deeply investigate sophisticated threats – including their embedded documents, and messy code.
  • And from their vantage point across companies, geographies, and industries, analysts can track emerging attack vectors and prevent breaches.

“For any false positive or user reported items, we do not need to be involved. Cyren’s dedicated team is on top of all these items.”via Gartner Peer Insights

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Available 24/7

Cyren’s Incident Response Service operates around the clock, every day, and every holiday.

  • Analysts respond immediately to suspicious activity, no matter the hour.
  • Phishing attacks can be mitigated in minutes, while you and your employees sleep, or while you’re in a meeting.

A trusted incident response playbook

Analysts orchestrate the same playbook for every phishing threat:

  1. Uncover the scope of the attack
  2. Identify and report potentially compromised data and its impact
  3. Establish requirement(s) for a full forensic investigation
  4. Develop a phishing remediation plan based on the scope and details of the attack
  5. Remediate and report case closed
  6. Send post incident report to admin

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“With Cyren’s automated detection and response, our Global Cyber Defense Team is much more efficient and effective in neutralizing phishing attacks.”

– Justas Narauskas, Sika

“We needed to further protect our users from malicious attacks. More importantly we needed a solution that required the least amount of involvement from our team. Cyren is the best inbox security for any organization.”

– Review via Gartner Peer Insights

“Phishing was completely out of control. We had an SEG in place, but we were still riddled with scams. With Cyren, we spend 40% less time resolving threats.”

– Wendi Iglesias, The Keyes Company

“Cyren is invaluable in today’s world. It gives hard-pushed admins intelligent, corporation-wide remediation for phishing emails that slip through traditional mail filters. Highly recommend.”

– Peter Carr via Azure Marketplace

“Great product that picks up phishing and imposter emails that have got through to the mailbox.”

– Nabeel Chaudhry via Azure Marketplace

“Cyren is a great product. Remarkably simple to implement and use.”

– Carl van Eijk via Azure Marketplace

Reducing the Risk of Phishing Attacks: It’s About Time

This 11-Page report provides a data-driven framework for thinking about your security investments

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