The Siberian Husky Puppies scam returns


I’m very excited about this email I received:

“We have 3 male(Willy) (Ben) and (Max) and 3 Female ((Mimi) (Kiki) and (Baby Tina)ready for re homing to new homes .There are Outstanding AKC registered Siberian husky from multi-championship bloodlines with an awesome pedigree. Gorgeous wrinkles, nice rope across their nose, massive bones structure, compact and muscular. Home-raised, family socialized puppies with sweet, loving and playful temperament, loves children. Ready to be a family companion or your best friend. Current vaccinations, De-worming, new crate, veterinarian health check and health certificate. Health guaranteed. Awesome puppy packet, the baby Siberian husky will come alongside with the following 1 Year health Guarantee, Health Certificate, Shot Records Create (w/shipping),.”

Sounds fantastic! – and look at those pictures!  Aaaaaaahh Sweeeet!

“    I am  giving them out because they were always cared and looked after by my father but with a heavy heart i lost him and he was all I got ,i work with a global,broad-based health care company devoted to discovering new medicines, new technologies and new ways to manage health. My father  died in an accident last month on his way back from work and i have very bad memories when i see these puppies around me,because they were always together with him since i am always busy in the laboratory..  “

Wow – that’s quite a story.  And all told in two run-on sentences!

“    i really need to give them to someone who can really care and love them just the way dad used to..These puppies have been very lonely since dad passed away so the best thing i decided on as my colleague advised me was to send them to a loving home.   “where are you located  ?”

An Internet Security company

“are you married  ?, do you have kids  ?, do you promise to take very good care of the puppies  ?, have you ever owned a puppy  ?, how soon do you need the puppy  ?, which off the puppies do you need  ?, how soon do you need the puppies  ?, your mobile number  ?”

Gosh – that’s a lot of questions…

“    i really count on you if you can be there for them.. all you are going to pay is just for their change of ownership papers  which will cost you only $ 140 each . “

Amazing – that’s a saving of at least $860 per dog – not including shipping.  You must be really generous, or maybe this is one of those puppy scams.  You know – the ones where you send the $140 via Western Union and never see any dog (or your money ever again).

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