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New detection category for eXpurgate customers

For more than a year, many employees have been working remotely and may never return to the companies’ offices. This trend brings a lot of challenges for IT Security. Although infrastructure and devices are under control of the IT teams, working remotely has dramatically increased our need to communicate via email and other digital channels which are way less under control. Employees working mainly on their own are constantly exposed to phishing and social engineering attacks. As a result, phishing attacks were the most common cybercrime in 2020. But it’s not only a simple link in an email leading the victim to a prepared website – the techniques are getting more and more versatile: with attachments, via trustworthy form providers like Office Forms or Google, and obfuscation with multiple websites involved. To overcome these broad varieties of attacks, employees need to be aware of and ready to defend against the risks. But which employees are at risk?

How to mitigate phishing risks?

Mitigation starts with visibility. If Security Teams are not closely monitoring phishing threats attempting to compromise their organizations, then they can only hope to react fast enough once a phishing attack is successful. Cyren’s eXpurgate Anti Spam solution has been blocking phishing emails for a long time but it has classified them as spam. This lack of visibility has been eliminated with the latest release of eXpurgate. The release of eXpurgate includes a dedicated phishing category to increase visibility of phishing attacks in addition to blocking such emails. This new visibility allows IT Security Teams to investigate these attacks more in depth, improve employee awareness, and better understand their adversaries.

Join the Early Adopter program

To increase your Phishing visibility, contact our Sales Team – they will be happy to assist you based on your needs. During the Early Adopter Program(*) the additional “Phishing categorization” feature is completely free of charge.

Increase your phishing visibility and mitigate risks today!

* the Early Adopter program will run until 31.03.2022

Sep 9, 2021 | Uncategorized

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