Cyren Malware Outbreak Detection

View outbreaks of email-borne malware that have been recently detected and blocked by Cyren's GlobalView™ security cloud using patented Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology.


The data on these pages consists of a sample of email-borne malware that Cyren Zero Hour™ Virus Outbreak Protection solution, based on Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD™) technology has recently detected and blocked. The pages are updated approximately twice daily, and therefore are not intended to be a real-time alert service for new malware incidents. Data is often published after the outbreak has ended, in order to provide a comprehensive overview of the detection performance of Cyren and other popular AV scanners. Data about other AV solutions is based on tests made by an independent third-party, Other Cyren data, including comparisons with other AV scanners, is based on Cyren Virus Outbreak Detection research labs.

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