European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)

Simplify your GDPR compliance efforts.

Simplify your GDPR compliance efforts with Cyren's EU-based enterprise security services

As a cloud security service provider, Cyren is committed to securing our customers, their users and information, on any device, at any location. As a data processor, Cyren is committed to meeting our customers' privacy requirements, including compliance with the GDPR. If you elect to do so, we can provision your services in our EU-based datacenters.

  • Your personal data will not leave the European Union
  • Reduce the risk associated with personal data export across borders1

Simplify GDPR compliance without compromising service availability

Cyren's global infrastructure includes five datacenters located in the European Union, so you can be assured that service availability and security is not compromised. Cyren security services customers' can be deployed to use EU datacenters alone.

All Cyren Email Security EU-based customers:
  • Use a management portal in an EU datacenter
  • Can be deployed only on EU datacenters
  • Are deployed only on EU datacenters for Cyren Email Archiving

Trust in Cyren's history

Cyren2 has, since 2001, maintained datacenters and offices accomodating research and development, operations and support staff in Germany, a country considered by many as the gold standard for data privacy. We provide security services to almost 1000 business customers in Germany, who trust us with their personal information.


Assisting you with GDPR compliance

Data privacy and security is at the core of Cyren's business and as well as ensuring we are meeting our obligations as a data processor, Cyren security services can help you comply with GDPR in many other ways. We protect your data by blocking threats.

Anonymised user reports

For privacy and confidentially purposes, you have the option of protecting real user names that appear in all service reports and logs. Usernames are replaced with pseudonames unless the administrator accessing the report has "Privacy Guardian" privileges.

Administrator auditing

Cyren Cloud Security logs all configuration changes in the management portal, for all services. Information logged includes administrator name, action and time and date. This allows strict auditing of all policy changes made by each administrator, including any 3rd party IT support personnel you have granted access to.


The Cyren Email Archiving service provides rapid eDiscovery, that has been tested to return searches in less than two seconds, allowing freedom of information and subject access request searches to be completed in minutes. Email integrity can be assured, with a tamper-proof email store and audited user access.

[1] Excluding some services and support provision. See DPA for details.

[2] Formerly eleven GmbH