Panel discussion

Like shooting Phish in a Barrel: 3 Perspectives on Email Protection

In this round table, we bring together three vastly different perspectives on the same problem to see where we are, what we can do about it, and what our future looks like. Our round table discussion includes the vendor, customer, and researcher perspective. While each of us experiences the problems we face differently by seeing our vulnerabilities and opportunities from different viewpoints we can find the best possible solution.

We will begin by discussing how we got here and what today’s threat landscape looks like with respect to email-centric threats. We will then explore the raft of mitigation techniques available, where they work… and where they don’t. We will also look at the system writ large, and explore the impact systemic changes, such as the shift of business mail to O365, are likely to have on attackers. Finally, we will discuss how we see things changing in the future: what will the conversation in five years look like?

At every point in this discussion, our focus is on engaging a diverse set of views and pointing out practical steps that defenders can take to provide the most cost-effective and pragmatic solutions to protect their users from a threat that is only going to grow.

In this webinar you will learn:
• How to think about the email vector the same way the attacker does: it’s about the people, not the medium
• What attacks we see today and why they work
• How to build a comprehensive strategy that helps secure the messaging channel
• How to measure and prove to your boss you built a comprehensive strategy that helped secure the messaging channel
• How we think these kinds of attacks will change in a coevolutionary system

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