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Cyber Security Newsletter | February 2021


Case Study: SIKA Protects 25,000 Global Employees

“Our goal is to have the best phishing detection and response system possible, including employees who are engaged and confident in their ability to contribute to our cyber defense." 

This case study illustrates how Sika gains full support and expertise in Phishing detection with Cyren Inbox Security.


White Paper: Why automation is key to combating enterprise phishing

Between the high cost of a successful phishing campaign and the budget and manpower put into defending organizations against attack, phishing can be a significant drain on an enterprise’s resources.

Automated phishing incident response is one solution that can revolutionize an enterprise’s phishing defense strategy. Here’s what you need to know about these solutions.

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Live Webinar: How to Remediate Office 365 Phishing Failures

Wednesday, March 10

Organizations using Microsoft 365's email platform consistently report higher rates of successful evasive phishing attacks. And it's no surprise — even Microsoft’s native Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Exchange Online Protection (EOP) have malicious catch rates of 0.15 percent, which is significantly lower than the rate of other solution providers.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Why Microsoft 365 ATP and EOP give many security teams a false sense of security
  • Which kinds of evasive phishing are likely to bypass Microsoft 365’s conventional defenses
  • Why you need an additional layer of email security that automatically reduces the number of email threats reaching your employees

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“Are you satisfied?” Cyren sees increasing use of forms in account takeover attacks

Every internet user participates in surveys every day: “Do you like our service?” “Are you satisfied with the order?” “Please, fill the form below to make us better for you!”


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Short-lived Attacks with Excel4 Macro (XLM) Malware

Over the past 30 days, we have seen a surge of Excel4 Macro (XLM) malware in our feeds, and on the 25th of January, there were quite a few detections from XF/Kryptik.B.gen!Camelot.



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