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Cyren Newsletter | October 2021

The Thrill of the Chase

The Thrill of the Chase Report

October was Cyber Security Awareness Month so Cyren marked the occasion with the publication of an in-depth analysis of a phishing campaign that targeted account holders of a large American bank. Download this report to see real-world examples of the lifecycle of phishing – from compromised web servers to host the pages to victim data for sale on the dark web.


How a Global Insurance Carrier Saves Time and Money with Cyren Inbox Security

“This is an arms race. The adversary is trying to get an email into your systems, 24/7. They are focused. They have bigger budgets. And it’s not simply employees’ responsibility to protect us from breaches,” says Paul Deasy, IT Operations – Senior Security Architect.

At FINEOS, ransomware attacks were increasingly sophisticated, with highly targeted BEC attempts impersonating their CFO and CEO. Security awareness training further strained busy executives, IT’s resources were squandered chasing false positives reported by users, and still nothing felt foolproof.

How Cyren Inbox Secuirty compares

How Cyren Inbox Security Compares to Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) and Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

SEGs and ATP play a key role in keeping users’ mailboxes free from spam, most malware, and well-known phishing threats. However, businesses need to complement these technologies with specialized detection and automated remediation to solve the currently unsolved problems associated with targeted phishing.

Read this post to find out how Cyren Inbox Security complements Secure Email Gateways and Microsoft Advance Threat Protection.


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[Event] CISO Visions Cybersecurity Summit

November 8 -12 2021
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[Webinar] Use automation to solve phishing and save money

November 10 2021
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[Event] InfoSec Connect

November 15 - 19, 2021
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November 16 2021
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[Webinar] How to stop Phishing Threats for Office 365

November 17 2021
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[Event] Secure CISO London

November 25 2021
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Phishing by the numbers – September 2021

This blog is part of our monthly blog series analyzing incident response data from Cyren threat researchers and Cyren security clouds including Cyren Inbox Security.



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