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Phishing Attack Prevention: How to Avoid Phishing Attacks with Cyren Threat InDepth

Phishing attack prevention refers to companies taking security measures in order to prevent phishing attacks on their employees. The measures taken to improve phishing protection can help you avoid detrimental impacts on your business. This makes phishing attack prevention more important than ever. With more than 90% of enterprise breaches starting with a single email, security operations (SOC) teams are constantly locked in a battle to protect their enterprise against these evolving email-borne threats. How can these phishing attacks be prevented to ensure email security? With Cyren Threat InDepth.

What is Cyren Threat InDepth?

Cyren Threat InDepth allows security teams to view evolving email-borne threats, so that they can prevent potential phishing attacks. This high-fidelity, actionable intelligence analyzes and processes billions of daily transactions across email content, suspicious files, and web traffic to provide unique, timely insights faster than other vendors.

What Capabilities Does Cyren Threat InDepth Have To Prevent Phishing Attacks?

  • Analyzes billions of internet transactions in web and email traffic to  provide real-time info on URLs that are known to serve phishing pages
  • Achieved by applying unique technologies and algorithms to gather a rich data set including brand and industry fields
  • Context Includes brand and industry information 

What are the Benefits of Threat InDepth Phishing and Fraud URL Intelligence?

Early Visibility to New and Emerging Phishing Attacks

Cyren GlobalView™ Threat Intelligence cloud processes billions of transactions a day to provide the earliest possible indication of evolving phishing threats. Phishing and Fraud URL Intelligence leverages GlobalView to detect new, emerging email-borne threats hiding in plain sight, ensuring early detection and a higher chance of phishing attack prevention.

Accelerate Threat Detection and Incident Response

With attackers leveraging phishing emails to continually attack enterprises, timely, contextualized threat intelligence empowers security teams to make smart and meaningful decisions against evolving attacker tactics. By providing security teams with timely, actionable insights, Phishing and Fraud URL Intelligence helps them rapidly prioritize and respond to threats, thereby reducing Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Respond (MTTR).

Learn More About Phishing Attack Prevention

Read the data sheet and learn how to prevent phishing attacks with Cyren Threat InDepth Phishing and Fraud URL Intelligence today.

Oct 12, 2021 | Phishing

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