On-Demand Webinar

Better Together! Cyren + KnowBe4 provide a comprehensive solution to phishing and BEC

Targeted phishing and BEC attacks continue to evade secure email gateways, arriving in users’ mailboxes ready to swindle unsuspecting employees. This results in hundreds of hours analyzing alerts, not to mention the impact of a successful attack.

Attend this joint webinar by Cyren and KnowBe4 to learn how their integrated solution ensures organizations get the most value from user training, advanced threat detection, and automated incident response to improve defense against phishing and BEC threats. Experts from Cyren and KnowBe4 will explain how to:

  • Create a proactive strategy to mitigate the impact of phishing and BEC
  • Reduce the number of threats in users’ mailboxes
  • Rely less on users to detect what the secure email gateway doesn’t
  • Leverage user training to increase the quality of user-submitted alerts
  • Eliminate alert fatigue and decrease the costs of security incident response