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Starting the Path to Zero Trust in Microsoft Cloud

The company network perimeter no longer exists as the security boundary business. With the large adoption of hybrid work and the expectation that even after the COVID-19 pandemic is under control, businesses will not go back to a full in-office work model. In a hybrid work model, the Internet has become the network perimeter.

The adoption of cloud services has exploded over the past couple of years, especially with collaboration having a large shift to using multi-service solutions such as Microsoft Teams. Unfortunately, due to the forced and rapid deployment of remote work solutions, the adoption of the necessary hybrid work security practices are not in place and have not kept pace, resulting in many businesses operating in a vulnerable state. We all should be making the transition to a Zero Trust security model, but this is not achieved with a simple push of a button or click on a mouse. You may have heard of the term Zero Trust, but do you understand what it means and how you can align your business with it?

Join us as Improving provides a high-level introduction to Zero Trust and practical guidance on establishing the bare minimum security practices for your Microsoft cloud environment. In this session, Improving will explain what Zero Trust means and how it aligns with the tools and controls available to you in the cloud. Improving will also discuss the top threats to operating in the cloud and how to best start aligning your business to combating these attacks.

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