A Playbook for Responding to Phishing Attacks

White Paper

How to Automate and Accelerate Incident Response

Despite spam filters, scheduled updates, web filters, employee training, and encryption policies, 9% of email reaching users is malicious.

How long do you have to mitigate a phishing attack? According to Verizon DBIR, it’s only 1 minute 40 seconds. In this playbook, we detail how machine learning, outsourced response service providers, and automated case workflows can accelerate threat resolution and close the “window of vulnerability”. We discuss why SOC teams are being pinched by increasingly sophisticated attacks and anxious employees -- often in response to well-intentioned security awareness training. SOC teams are chronically understaffed, and investigating false positive threats sabotages their strategic objectives. We'll share best practices to dealing with phishing attacks, and outline 6 steps that should be included in any incident response playbook.

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