Supercharge Your Product and Services with Cyren Malware Detection Engine

On-Demand Webinar

Speaker: Richard Ford, CTO, Cyren

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The current pandemic has created an opportune moment for threat actors to evolve their tactics and deliver innovative attacks via email, web, and malicious files. Security vendors are constantly trying to improve the efficacy of their products by ensuring rapid detection of evolving threats.

For over two decades, Cyren’s Antivirus SDK (powered by GlobalView™ Threat Intelligence Cloud) has provided developers with accurate and timely insights that have allowed them to detect advanced, embedded threats effectively and rapidly within email, web, and malicious files.

In this webinar Cyren’s CTO, Dr. Richard Ford, will discuss:

  • The evolution of the malware threat
  • Why businesses handling 3rd party content should consider using Cyren’s Antivirus SDK
  • How product developers can quickly add best-of-breed protection to any application using Cyren’s Antivirus SDK

Join us to learn how Cyren’s Antivirus SDK can keep your customers safe—now and in the future.

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