Leveraging Threat Intelligence to Maximize Protection

On-Demand Webinar

Michael Osterman, Principal Analyst, Osterman Research and Matt Mosley, VP of Products, Cyren

Security teams face an uphill battle when responding to constantly evolving attacker TTPs. It is of paramount importance that security teams possess the ability to respond quickly to these ever-changing threats, in as close to real time as possible - to deal with them properly.

Quality threat intelligence can empower security analysts and threat researchers to track the source of these evolving threats and/or prevent them in the future. Threat intelligence represents a “force multiplier” – it gives security staff members more enhanced data, better information, and the needed contextual insights so that they can make more informed decisions more quickly.

In this webinar, our experts will discuss:

  • How common threats are continually innovating to flummox existing organizational defenses
  • How correctly operationalized threat intelligence can be an effective force multiplier
  • How context can add value to threat intelligence and speed up investigations

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