Using Threat Intelligence to Make Meaningful Decisions

On-Demand Webinar

Guest speaker Brian Kime, Senior Analyst at Forrester, Dr. Richard Ford, CTO and Matt Mosley, VP of Products at Cyren

Security practitioners and executives leverage threat intelligence to gain visibility and context into evolving threats, understand their potential impact on the enterprise and improve detection and response times. Insights gained from threat intelligence allow security teams to make meaningful decisions to protect the organization without impacting business continuity and productivity.

With the threat landscape constantly evolving, security teams are heavily reliant on timely and high-fidelity intelligence to detect and respond to threats. However, data is not intelligence, and threat feeds alone cannot support the growing needs of SOC analysts, threat hunters and incident responders.

Join this panel discussion to learn:

  • Why threat intelligence plays a critical role in defining organizational security posture
  • The difference between threat data and threat intelligence… and its impact on your business continuity and productivity
  • How enterprise security teams can leverage contextual threat intelligence to their advantage

Join our guest speaker Brian Kime, Senior Analyst, Security & Risk at Forrester Research along with Dr. Richard Ford, Cyren’s Chief Technology Officer and Matt Mosley, Cyren’s Vice President of Products to learn how to keep your enterprise safe—now and in the future.

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