How to stop Phishing Threats for Office 365?

On-Demand Webinar

Speaker: Pete Starr, Director of Sales Engineering , Cyren

This webinar covers the Cyren Inbox Security product which offers a new layer of automated security for Office 365 to detect and remediate phishing, BEC and malware threats that have penetrated existing email gateways and reached the user mailbox.

You've invested heavily in protecting your Office 365 users, but phishing emails are still reaching their inboxes. We'll discuss why organizations should move from a gateway-based single-pass inspection model to a layered security model that includes continuous email monitoring and detection at the inbox to effectively combat today’s phishing threats.

Not only is this approach more effective than the traditional single-pass inspection model, but it also alleviates the labor-intensive process of investigating, containing, responding to, and remediating malicious emails by leveraging user input in an automated way.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Why protecting at the Gateway is no longer good enough
  • Learn how to automate the remediation of phish that pass perimeter defenses
  • How to engage your end-users, employees, customer and partners to support your anti-phishing challenge

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