Quarantined and Exposed: Evolving Threats in a Remote Working World

On-Demand Webinar

Speakers: Harli Aquino, Cyren AVLab Team Lead and Kervin Alintanahin, Threat Analyst at Cyren

Attackers have consistently leveraged current world events to their advantage by evolving their attack TTPs to bypass perimeter defenses. Overnight, COVID-19 has caused enterprises to deploy technologies, policies, and resources to enable employees to work remotely. This rapid roll-out and the resulting confusion has left many enterprises and their employees vulnerable to the constantly changing threat landscape. Join this webinar to learn:

  • How old technologies are being leveraged to bypass threat defenses
  • Examples of real threats bypassing perimeter defenses
  • How organizations can protect themselves and their employees

Join Harli Aquino, Cyren AVLab Team Lead and Threat Analyst Kervin Alintanahin to keep your employees safe—now and in the future.

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