Advanced Email Security for the Distributed Real Estate Firm

Combat phishing, ransomware and cyber threats targeting the real estate industry

Reduce the risk of escrow fraud and data theft

According to the FBI, fraudulent real estate transactions as a result of cybercrime increased from $19 million in 2016 to almost $1 billion in 2017. Cyren's global security cloud indentifies new threats in seconds and blocks over 300 million threats a day – while providing SaaS simplicity in deployment, configuration and ongoing management. With cost-effective subscription pricing, you can start protecting your employees and agents immediately:

Defend customer data and financial transactions from being compromised by phishing and malware attacks
Ensure your employees and agents use the internet safely – regardless of their device or location
Protect your buyers, sellers, and transaction partners from data theft and fraud

Resources to protect your business

10 Steps to Protect Your Real Estate Business

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Cybercriminals see real estate firms as profitable

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Why are real estate firms being targeted?

High-volume, high-value financial transactions – With over 80,000 real estate brokerages operating in a $500 billion U.S. property market, the opportunities for cybercriminals are extensive.

Adoption of cloud computing – The real estate industry is a quickly moving into the cloud age and becoming reliant on cloud applications, which means more systems that could be targeted.

Distributed work environments and unprotected mobile technology – Roaming laptops and mobile devices need to be protected regardless of location, operating platform, or ownership.

Large amounts of stored personal and financial information – Real estate brokers and agents possess significant amounts of confidential third-party data that must be protected.

Real estate case study: The Keyes Company

The challenge: Keyes is a leading U.S. real estate firm with 3,500+ associates in 50 offices. In 2017 the company experienced a significant uptick in email phishing attacks which became a drain on resources: IT was receiving 300+ support tickets per month that were phishing related.

The Solution: Keyes felt strongly about protecting their customers, associates and partners. After evaluating options, Keyes selected Cyren security solutions based on its ability to effectively detect and stop phishing, its ease of deployment, and its competitive pricing.

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Since installing Cyren Email Security, we've observed an 85% reduction in phishing emails getting through to users, and a 27% drop in tech support calls.

Wendi Iglesias – Chief Information Officer, The Keyes Company

Advanced security capabilities for real estate

Cyren 100% cloud email security service protects real estate organizations from cyber threats, stopping phishing and malware attacks seeking to steal sensitive data and commit fraud.

Advanced protection delivered as SaaS
  • Block unknown threats, not just known threats
  • URL time-of-click protection
  • Ransomware outbreak protection
  • Zero-day phishing and zero-day malware defenses
  • Inline sandbox array with patient-zero protection
With powerful security management
  • Intuitive security dashboard with role-based admin
  • Granular security policy management
  • Personal quarantine for users
  • Real-time logging and security reporting

10 Steps to Protect Your Real Estate Business

  1. Deploy endpoint security with active/behavioral monitoring.
  2. Deploy a web security gateway.
  3. Deploy cloud-based email gateway protection from a security provider.
  4. Develop a formal wire transfer policy.
  5. Protect mobile users while they are working outside the office.
  6. Use a password management tool and multi-factor authentication.
  7. Protect against evasive threats with sandboxing.
  8. Patch early, patch often.
  9. Turn off network shares and unnecessary admin rights.
  10. Train users.
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Top real estate security frauds

In the last few years, targeted phishing attacks – like business email compromise and imposter emails – as well as malware attacks of many types have become routine in the real estate industry. The number of inbound complaints to the FBI on the topic of cyber attacks targeting real estate companies grew by 480% between 2016 and 2017.

Escrow fraud – In 2017, cybercriminals stole client contact information from a DC-area real estate company, and then targeted a couple about to close on a home with a phishing wire fraud scheme which resulted in $1.5 million being stolen.

Data theft – In 2015, a Manhatten-based company whose services included an online commercial property database for 7,000 neighborhoods across the U.S. had 800 reports – valued at $361,000 – stolen by a hacker.

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