Advanced Email Security for Today's Manufacturing Firms

Combat phishing, fraud, and data theft targeting the manufacturing industry

Manufacturers have become a top target for cyber criminals

The manufacturing industry is increasingly attracting cyber criminals. The reason for this growing threat to manufacturing businesses include:

  • Manufacturers possess diverse types of information that attackers can monetize easily on the dark web
  • Supply chain "interconnectedness" exposes many points of entry for attackers into any given business
  • Small firms, which suffer 58% of all targeted attacks, tend to underestimate their risk and underinvest in security, putting themselves and the entire supply chain at risk

To protect manufacturers, their users, and their customers and partners, Cyren's global security cloud identifies new threats in seconds. Our SaaS email and web security services block over 300 million threats a day, and are simple to deploy, configure and manage on an ongoing basis. With cost-effective subscription pricing, you can start protecting your users immediately:

  • Defend customer and financial data from being compromised by phishing and malware
  • Ensure your employees use the internet safely – regardless of their device or location
  • Protect your buyers and suppliers from data theft and fraud

Resources to protect your business

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Buyers Guide for Email Security

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Office 365 Survey Report

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Why are manufacturing firms being targeted?

Manufacturers possess valuable information – Even small manufacturers have information that criminals want. Employee information can garner a criminal thousands of dollars through false tax filings or resale on the dark web. Customer email addresses and login information to supply chain systems are highly sought after, as are business plans, IP, and trade secrets.

Targeted theft of valuable IP – Foreign or domestic competitors may use their own cybercriminals to target a manufacturer to steal and leverage their IP. Or, an independent hacker may target the business to make money by selling the secrets. Notably, the highest level of cyber espionage occurs in the manufacturing sector, and most cases begin with a phishing attack.

A high degree of interconnectedness – Manufacturing supply chains are connected. According to Forrester, more than 60% of manufacturers grant access to their SCADA/ICS systems to other companies in their supply chain. Since protecting the supply chain depends on security at every point, cybercriminal target the weakest link they can find.

Small firms underestimate risk – According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the vast majority of manufacturing companies are small. A 2018 Verizon study reports that small businesses are far more likely to be the target of cyberattacks, with small businesses attacked 58% of the time. Hackers believe smaller firms are less protected.

10 Steps to Protect Your Manufacturing Business

  1. Deploy cloud-based email gateway protection from a security provider
  2. Deploy a web security gateway.
  3. Deploy endpoint security with active/behavioral monitoring.
  4. Employ a defense-in-depth strategy.
  5. Use a password management tool and multi-factor authentication.
  6. Protect against evasive threats with sandboxing.
  7. Patch early, patch often.
  8. Create off-site back-ups of important data.
  9. Turn off network shares and unnecessary admin rights
  10. Train users.
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Advanced SaaS security for manufacturing

Cyren 100% cloud email security service protects manufacturing organizations from cyber threats, stopping phishing and malware attacks seeking to steal sensitive data and commit fraud.

Advanced protection delivered as SaaS
  • Block unknown threats, not just known threats
  • URL time-of-click protection
  • Ransomware outbreak protection
  • Zero-day phishing and zero-day malware defenses
  • Inline sandbox array with patient-zero protection
With powerful security management
  • Intuitive security dashboard with role-based admin
  • Granular security policy management
  • Personal quarantine for users
  • Real-time logging and security reporting

A tale of two phishing attacks against manufacturing firms

According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Report, 93% of all breaches of corporate systems begin with some form of phishing, and – true to form – most breaches in the manufacturing industry begin with a well-crafted spear phishing email, containing a malicious link or attachment sent to a company employee.

Supply chain breach at HVAC vendor leads to loss of data on 40 million credit and debit cards – The infamous Target breach – in which 40 million credit and debit cards were hacked – began with one employee at an HVAC company opening an email attachment containing malware that captured system passwords, including those for partners like Target. The hackers then gained access to Target's systems and stole highly sensitive data, costing Target $202 million dollars.

Manufacturing employees lose thousands in cybercriminal tax fraud – In 2016, Seagate became the target of a high-profile phishing attack when an HR employee responded to a targeted imposter email. Thinking the email was from the CEO, the employee sent the hacker highly sensitive information, including social security numbers and salary data for 10,000 employees. Within days, criminals were filing fraudulent tax returns for employees and family members.

Top manufacturing security risks

In the last few years, targeted phishing attacks – like business email compromise and imposter emails – as well as malware attacks of many types haves become routine in the manufacturing industry. The security risks for the manufacturing industry fall into essentially three categories:

Data theft – Phishing attacks use spoofed email and copycat websites to trick users into sharing information, such as employee data, customer contact data, intellectual property, financial account information or transaction data.

Financial fraud – Business email compromise attacks and imposter emails may attempt to divert money to criminally-controlled accounts. Lost revenue can also result in reputation damage and lost customers.

Business interruption – Manufacturers are driven by fixed production and delivery dates to ensure profitability. It only takes one phishing or malware attack to have a detrimental effect on an entire production cycle.

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