Advanced Email Security for Healthcare

Protect your healthcare business and support HIPAA compliance with real-time cybersecurity protection

Phishing and ransomware are targeting the healthcare industry

Healthcare organizations are under siege from increasingly sophisticated phishing, ransomware, and other cyberattacks which threaten patient privacy, HIPAA compliance, business finances, and brand reputations. Resource-constrained IT organizations are facing an urgent need to effectively mitigate threats.

To protect healthcare-related businesses from today's fast-moving, evasive phishing and malware attacks, Cyren's global security cloud identifies new threat in seconds. Our SaaS email and web security services block over 300 million threats a day while providing simple deployment, configuration and management. With cost-effective subscription pricing, you can start protecting your healthcare organization immediately.

Defend patient and employee data from being compromised by phishing and malware

Ensure your employees use the internet safely – regardless of their device or location

Protect patients, partners and suppliers from data theft and cyber fraud

Resources to protect your business

Email Security Gap Analysis: Aggregated Results

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Buyers Guide for Email Security

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Office 365 Survey Report

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Why are healthcare organizations being targeted?

Extensive interconnection creates risk – The interconnected nature of healthcare makes email and web threats particularly dangerous. Sharing information across providers, insurers and other channels communicates and connects with other systems, creating points of shared access and risk.

Highly valuable personal data – Socially engineered attacks like phishing target healthcare more than any other private sector industry. Attacks have resulted in the theft of highly sensitive electronic patient health information (ePHI) and personally identifying information (PII) that jeopardize HIPAA compliance.

New mobile technology creates vulnerabilities – Adding to healthcare security concerns is the growth of mobile devices (including tablets, laptops and phones) that drive the need for mobile security. Many of these technologies lack consistent standards for vulnerability identification and security patches, creating another attack vector.

Phishing is the top source of healthcare breaches

Fueled by the vast opportunities and the advent of "phishing-as-a-service," phishing is proving to be a robust growth industry. This growth is being felt on the front lines – a recent survey of IT managers found that over half reported a phishing-derived breach at their company in the past year, and that the volume of phishing emails evading security and reaching users was up to 25% in twelve months.

Get up to speed on the global rise of phishing attacks with Cyren's special issue Cyberthreat Report, completely dedicated to phishing and its various sub-genres like business email compromise, spear phishing and whaling.

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Advanced SaaS security for healthcare

Cyren 100% cloud email security service protects healthcare organizations from cyber threats, stopping phishing and malware attacks seeking to steal sensitive data and commit fraud.

Advanced protection delivered as SaaS
  • Block unknown threats, not just known threats
  • URL time-of-click protection
  • Ransomware outbreak protection
  • Zero-day phishing and zero-day malware defenses
  • Inline sandbox array with patient-zero protection
With powerful security management
  • Intuitive security dashboard with role-based admin
  • Granular security policy management
  • Personal quarantine for users
  • Real-time logging and security reporting

Top healthcare security risks

Loss of sensitive corporate or patient data – spoofed email and copycat websites can trick users into sharing valuable information, such as employee data, patient data, and financial information.

Business interruption – It takes only one successful phishing or malware attack to have a detrimental effect on critical healthcare activities, schedules and business operations.

Financial loss – Malware can cause major financial damage by temporarily or permanently ruining computing systems, stealing funds, or interrupting business.

Reputation and loss of business – Healthcare companies risk reputation damage and loss of business if the organization is successfully attacked.

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