Enterprise Security Services: Cyren Internet Security Services

First to Detect, First to Protect

Cyren is leading the SaaS revolution by moving enterprise Internet security to the cloud, where it is most logically capable of providing modern, multi-layered protection for any user, on any device, wherever they are. Processing billions of web and email transactions daily in the cloud allows Cyren to identify and block new threats in seconds, before they reach users and your business systems. In the constant race to block next generation attacks, Cyren’s early detection and instantaneous protection eliminate the traditional window of exposure to cyber threats.

A secure web gateway service which protects your users wherever they are and on any device, inspecting all inbound and outbound traffic and applying web usage and cloud application access control policies.

A cloud-based secure email gateway which filters your organization’s inbound and outbound email for advanced spam and malicious threat protection.

Cyren Email Archiving simplifies regulatory compliance with email management, protection and retention in the cloud. GRC, legal and HR teams are empowered with easy-to-use search and eDiscovery that returns searches in seconds

Automated web security which can be deployed in minutes to manage and protect all web usage at your business locations, or applied to guest networks.

An advanced layer of web and email security powered by a cloud multi-sandbox array which protects your business against breaches and data loss from today’s sophisticated threats

Multiple Services on a Unified Global Platform – Cyren’s integrated, globally-operated security cloud powers an advanced SaaS security suite providing protection for your business from the two main threat vectors – email and web – with subscription services for web gateway security, email gateway security, DNS-based security, and cloud sandboxing. Operating at tremendous scale, with over 25 billion transactions daily, Cyren is able to fully exploit synergies across these 100% cloud-delivered services, delivering – first and foremost – faster protection, which is critical in today’s fast-moving threat environment.

Security with SaaS Simplicity – Just like any SaaS service, Cyren’s security is easy to try, quick to deploy, easy to manage, and requires just a subscription to start – no hardware or software to deploy and manage, eliminating overhead associated with traditional appliances. Cyren’s security platform also allows administrative synergies across services like unified user onboarding, unified policy management, and integrated reporting.

Why move your internet security to the cloud?

  • Get superior, multi- layered security which protects all of your users anywhere, on any device
  • Get highly elastic cloud protection and stop worrying about right-sizing your security infrastructure
  • Adopt a pay-as-you-grow subscription model
  • Minimize your TCO – eliminate the need for hardware and software upgrades and save staff time spent managing appliances
  • Reduce time spent remediating infected computers
  • Gain detailed insight across all your users, locations, and devices
  • Easily manage multiple sites – our cloud platform makes it easy to consistently apply policy
  • Go direct to the Internet securely, reducing latency for all users and minimizing backhauling costs
  • Protect users from new threats with real-time protection which is always up-to-date in the cloud
  • Protect your remote and roaming workers, no matter the device

Always Up to Date, Everywhere – With Cyren’s security cloud protecting your traffic, your web and email security is always the latest and best, for all your users and at all your business locations – or wherever your users happen to be. When Cyren detects a threat, users are immediately protected – there are no time-consuming updates to “roll out” to appliances or delays pushing updates across the cloud infrastructure.

Centralized Visibility - Cyren’s web-based Admin Console provides a rich, multi-channel view of your Internet traffic and security performance, while easy-to-use and customizable dashboards enable you to configure and control your services at a click.

Cyren integrated Admin Console

Cyren Unified Global Security Cloud

Cyren has built the world’s largest unified security cloud, which sits between your users and the internet, protecting them whenever and wherever they connect to the web or access their email, from any device.

Processing over 25 billion transactions and blocking over 300 million threats daily, this global big data platform applies machine learning, massive data correlation, pattern recognition techniques, and automated deep content inspection to block threats before they reach users, delivering the most advanced business email and web security services.

Last updated: 2 July 2018