Enterprise Security Services: Cyren Email Security

Email protection at the speed of cloud

Cyren Email Security provides worry-free email communication for your business with the best threat catch rates in the industry and “SaaS simple” administration. The global subscription service works as an upstream email server in the cloud for on-premise or cloud-based business email, and is deployed easily for your corporate email with a simple change to your MX Record.

Cyren operates the world’s largest security threat intelligence network, processing over 25 billion transactions daily through our global security cloud, applying multiple proprietary protection technologies on an integrated cloud platform, which translates to the highest possible accuracy and lowest false positives for you. Essential business communications always make it through to the inbox, but threats do not, meaning no lost productivity for IT and your end users. Because it’s a cloud service, your security is always up to date.

Cyren Email Security blocks threats and protects your infrastructure and your users’ inboxes with:

Anti-Malware — Industry-leading protection against “zero hour” outbreaks and known viruses, worms, and trojans sent via email. New malware is identified immediately when it first appears. To achieve the highest possible level of protection, Cyren combines multiple detection engines that, together, offer optimum threat protection.

Anti-Phishing —  Users have continuous, instant protection against compromise of their corporate accounts by hijacked websites, “zero-hour” phishing attacks, and fake URLs masquerading as legitimate websites.

Anti-Spam — Cyren anti-spam capabilities offer filtering and email categorization based on ‘fingerprint’ comparisons, enabling precise differentiation between unwanted spam and legitimate bulk email such as newsletters.

Impostor Protection — To prevent Business Email Compromise (BEC) or CEO fraud, impostor emails are blocked using a combination of header anomaly, social engineering and spoofed sender detection.

Why Cyren Email Security as a sevice?

  • Adopt a pay-as-you-go subscription model offering the lowest TCO
  • Stop unwanted spam, phishing and malware before it reaches your infrastructure with the industry’s fastest time to detection
  • Block ransomware like Cryptolocker
  • Ditch the baggage of complex email security policies
  • Reduce management overhead and stop wasting IT admin resources and introducing human error
  • No change to your existing infrastructure, zero maintenance
  • Fast and easy implementation using our web-based user interface
  • Eliminate delivery delays and reduce man hours reviewing blocked messages, benefit from spam and phishing detection without false positives
  • Benefit from a true service model – Cyren’s service desk and experienced detection teams care for your protection, while Cyren’s skilled operators care for availability
  • Built-in redundancy, powerful and scalable security for businesses of any size

Global sophistication, European privacy compliance

Cyren Email Security is backed by a company with proven excellence in global threat protection and global operations, with an elastic security cloud operated across 19 global data centers and reaching into 180 countries. As a sophisticated global service with European roots, Cyren Email Security is fully compliant with European privacy law and is effective with foreign languages and character sets.

How Cyren Email Security works

Emails containing spam or malware are processed according to the customer’s business rules, with options to reject, tag and deliver, reroute, or send to quarantine.

The mail server where Cyren Email Security delivers clean email can be located in your company network or hosted at your Internet Service Provider.

Cyren Email Security integrates with most hosted mail servers and only requires that you change the MX Record of your email domain.

Choose your email security protection

The Standard Email Security package from Cyren provides full-featured protection for all incoming email messages.

By upgrading to Email Security Plus , you also receive protection from advanced and targeted attacks and prevent unintentional spreading of threats via email to partners by scanning all outgoing messages.

Seamless integration with Cyren Email Archiving

Cyren Email Archiving, built on the Cyren Cloud Security platform, simplifies regulatory compliance with email management, protection and retention in the cloud.

Compare Cyren packages

Management, Visibility & Reporting 
Global cloud multi-service platform
Web management console w/role based admin
Granular policy management
Personal quarantine (30 days)
Real-time logging and reporting
Active Directory integration
Inbound Protection  
DDoS infrastructure protection
Anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-phishing
Malware outbreak protection
Attachment control by file type
SPF and DKIM validation
Opportunistic TLS encryption for all sending domains
Enforced TLS ecryption by sender
Outbound Protection  
Anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-phishing  
Opportunistic TLS encryption for all recipient domains  
Enforced TLS encryption by recipient  
Backscatter protection (BATV)  
Advanced Threat Protection  
Time-of-click protection  
Impostor email protection  
Inline cloud sandbox array with patient-zero protection  
Zero-day malware and Zero-day phishing defense  
Last updated: 20 February 2018