Enterprise Security Services: Cyren Email Security Gap Analysis

How do you know your email security is working?

By inspecting your email traffic after it is processed by your current security infrastructure, Cyren can provide you with real-time analysis and a comprehensive report on the volume and nature of threats that your existing email security solution is failing to identify. Set-up of a Cyren Email Security Gap Analysis is quick, and the test process itself is lightweight and has no direct impact on email operations. The analysis is usually run over a 3-4 week period, and can be done for both on-premises or hosted email services, like Office 365 and Google Apps accounts.

It’s time to rethink your email security

The nature of email threats has been transformed recently by a convergence of new tactics in evading detection, sophisticated phishing techniques, and increased email attack volumes. Many organizations think their current email security infrastructure is doing a good job, regardless of how long ago they evaluated and deployed it. Few regularly test its effectiveness, because to do so is difficult.

The result is that many organisations’ email systems, whether hosted like Office 365 or deployed on-premises, are delivering notable quantities of spam, phishing emails and malware to their users.

Identify what threats are still reaching your users

Cyren is uniquely positioned to provide this advanced diagnostic service based on its industry-leading detection capabilities. Cyren’s security cloud analyzes over 25 billion web, DNS, and email transactions from around the world every day. Applying Big Data analytics and machine learning to this massive data stream, Cyren is able to detect new phishing and malware threats as they emerge, and identifies and blocks over 300 million threats daily

A personalized 8-page Gap Analysis report summarizes the results and identifies the amount of spam and malicious emails still being delivered to your users, including financial phishing, account phishing, and both known and previously unknown malware attachments.

Why perform a Cyren Email Security Gap Analysis?

  • Understand gaps in your current email security posture
  • Identify threats missed by your current email security
  • Totally unobtrusive—no impact on your current email infrastructure
  • Easy-to-do – no MX record change needed
  • Easy to setup and configure
  • Get detailed insights – full reporting on all threats discovered
  • Emails containing threats are sorted and made available on an email server, to aid remediation
  • Dedicated, secure cloud-based email server for each Gap Analysis

Easy to deploy, doesn’t sit inline

Cyren Gap Analysis is extremely easy to set up. No MX record change is required. Emails continue to be delivered normally – the inspection service doesn’t sit in-line with your current email flow. You simply configure your current email security appliance, cloud service or email server to copy all inbound emails considered clean to Cyren’s cloud-based inspection service.

Secure and private

All emails that are copied out of your email infrastructure are directed to Cyren’s security cloud for analysis, utilizing our globally distributed data center infrastructure. Each Gap Analysis is assigned dedicated server infrastructure.

Cyren will scan these emails and identify any threats that your current email security infrastructure has missed. Clean emails are deleted, while those that contain a threat are sorted based on the threat type and saved to a secure, cloud-based email server dedicated to you.

Upon completion, your Gap Analysis email environment is completely deleted.

Regular and real-time reporting options

Cyren creates an account for each organization participating in a Gap Analysis, and an administrator login is assigned to you. This provides access to the portal where you can track emails and access a granular reporting engine that provides full visibility and classification of all processed emails. Summary reports are also emailed to a designated administrator.

An administrator login is also provided for your Gap Analysis dedicated email server, where you can access all emails containing threats, which are sorted into folders based on their threat classification. This allows you to quickly identify those that pose significant risk to your organization, so that you can respond and remediate.

Last updated: 06 November 2017