Enterprise Security Services: Cyren Email Archiving

Cyren Email Archiving protects business critical information and simplifies regulatory compliance

Cyren Email Archiving simplifies regulatory compliance with email management, protection and retention in the cloud. Built on Cyren’s global security cloud and fully integrated with Cyren Email Security, the service offers the low total cost of ownership and speed of performance that can only be achieved in a SaaS, cloud-delivered model.

Simplifiy regulatory compliance — Today’s businesses are bound by an increasing number of laws and regulations. These generate a significant workload for Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GLC) professionals as well as legal personnel needing to ensure the business is compliant.

The Cyren Email Archiving service simplifies regulatory compliance and supervision. It provides rapid eDiscovery, returning searches in less than two seconds, and allows freedom of information and subject access request searches to be completed in minutes rather than hours. Email integrity can be assured, with a tamper-proof email store and audited user access.

Simplify email management — Business users spend a third of their time at the office on email, and when they need help, they call the email administrator. Simple tasks such as restoring a deleted email, assigning privileged access to Human Resources or legal personnel and managing mailbox storage all take significant time.

The Cyren Email Archiving service simplifies email management. Users access their archive with a web browser, via a folder in Outlook that requires no plug-ins, or from their mobile device, and search results are returned in seconds. This flexible self-service capability, along with role-based access, significantly reduces the support burden on email administrators.

Least Headache, Lowest TCO — The Cyren Email Archiving service does not require any investment in hardware or software—just route your traffic to our security cloud. The ease of deployment and management, along with end-user self-service, frees IT to focus resources on value-adding projects. As a SaaS service, it’s easy to turn on Cyren Email Archiving for your immediate requirements as part of your Cyren Email Security subscription.

Why Cyren Email Archiving?

  • Protect business critical information and simplify regulatory compliance.
  • Rapid search and eDiscovery
  • Complete freedom of information and subject access request searches in minutes
  • Ensure integrity of emails with tamper proof email store and audited user access
  • Reduces operational costs and complexities
  • Simple, predictable, peruser cost model
  • Don’t get locked in by exorbitant extraction fees
  • No bandwidth throttling when extracting data
  • User self-service reduces helpdesk calls to recover lost emails
  • Granular role-based access empowers GRC, legal and HR teams
  • Eliminate concerns around storage, mailbox size and quota management

How it works

  1. Inbound emails are scanned for threats and clean emails are archived and delivered to the email server
  2. Outbound emails are archived, scanned and delivered to the recipient
  3. Journaling process ensures all internal emails are archived. Includes de-duplication of those inbound and outbound emails already archived.
  4. Users access their archive from a web browser or within an Outlook folder.
  5. Cyren Email Archiving mobile app provides access to the archive without downloading the emails, for additional security.

Supported functionality

Regulatory compliance

  • Evidential, time stamped, and tamper evident archive
  • All data encrypted
  • All user accesses audited
  • Definable user policy and access permissions

eDiscovery and search

  • Rapid and accurate discovery of emails, tested to return searches in less than two seconds
  • Standard and advanced search with granular search criteria including proximity, sound similar and spelling stems
  • Transcript search for data guardian users only
  • Search history
  • Case folders – a workplace for saving emails into a workspace
  • Exports – history of emails being exported from the system

Role-based access

  • Basic users access only their own emails
  • Users can delegate access to their emails and exclude sensitive or private emails using filters
  • Privileged users including human resources and senior post holder, legal senior post holder. FoI officer, and GRC personnel
  • Data guardian has no search rights but receives audit trail information for privileged user accesses and actions

E-mail management

  • User self-service from a web browser, Outlook folder with no plug-in required, or a mobile device using Cyren Email Archiving mobile app
  • Users can quickly find and recover deleted emails with no help from IT
  • Ingestion and extraction utilities for PSTs and legacy email formats
  • No onsite hardware or software to install, configure, and maintain
Last updated: 21 November 2017