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Cyren Internet Security

Cyren GlobalView™: World’s largest threat intelligence cloud

Cyren has built the industry’s largest global security intelligence cloud, powered by threat data from over 500,000 network collection points in over 180 countries. Operated across 19 global data centers, Cyren’s security cloud powers our enterprise SaaS services, and provides some of the world’s leading technology and security vendors – including Google, Microsoft, IBM, Check Point and Fortinet – with the fastest and most accurate threat data in the industry. 

The most security data

Every day, the Cyren cloud processes over 25 billion transactions generated by over one billion users across multiple threat vectors to assemble an unmatched view of cyber threats as they emerge. Cyren detects thousands of new, never-beforeseen IP addresses, phishing sites, and malicious URLs on a daily basis, providing the deepest and most instantaneous data in the industry on threats as they happen.

Big data analytics

Cyren’s data collection footprint and patented detection capabilities combine with extensive expertise in Big Data, advanced heuristics, and machine learning to build actionable global security intelligence on a near-real-time basis. Our cloud cyber security platform: automatically investigates and correlates IP addresses, domains, hosts, and files associated with suspicious behavior; builds risk scores; and is capable of instantaneous reclassification.

The best cyber intelligence

This real-time, actionable cyber intelligence powers Cyren’s cloudbased enterprise web and e-mail security services and is used by over 200 technology and security vendors. Our security cloud enables protection from malicious messages, hosts and websites with almost no false positives. Intelligence gained from any transaction within the Cyren cyber security platform instantly updates protection for all users.

Cyren Internet Security Services

Enterprise Security SaaS

Cyren offers businesses email security, email archiving, cloud sandboxing, and DNS filtering from a globally-operated
cloud security service platform with the flexibility to fully support compliance with regional data privacy requirements, like GDPR, while delivering the fastest time-to-protection with intrinsic SaaS simplicity: quick to deploy, easy to manage, and requiring just a subscription to start.

Cyren Email Security works as an upstream email server in the cloud for on-premise or cloudbased e-mail. With just a change to your MX Record it provides powerful and highly accurate spam, phishing and malware protection.

Cyren Email Archiving simplifies regulatory compliance with email management, protection and retention in the cloud. GRC, legal and HR teams are empowered with easy-to-use search and e-discovery that returns searches in seconds.

Cyren Sandboxing is provided by a cloud-based sandbox array which protects your business against attacks from today’s evasive zero-day threats. It is fully integrated with Cyren Email Security, providing a sophisticated layer of scalable protection for all your users and all email traffic.

Cyren DNS Security provides easy-to-use web filtering and protection for your business locations, including employees and guests at HQ, remote offices, and retail stores, or students on a campus. With no user authentication required, configure in just minutes.

Threat Intelligence Services

Cyren empowers technology integrators and large-scale Internet services vendors with the real-time detection capabilities of our GlobalView threat intelligence network, backed by a dedicated technical and commercial support model. Our globally comprehensive and unique insights into current and emerging threats are provided as individual services or bundled together as suites, and our modular SDKs permit integration of a range of security capabilities.

Cyber Intelligence Suites

More than 1.3 billion users around the world rely on Cyren's 100% cloud security solutions to protect them against cyber attacks and data loss every day. Powered by the world's largest security cloud, Cyren delivers fast time-to-protection with award-winning email security, cloud sandboxing and DNS filtering services for business, and threat intelligence solutions for service providers and security vendors like Microsoft, Google and Check Point.

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