Threat Intelligence Services: Inbound Anti-Spam

For anti-spam service providers and vendors, the challenge of keeping up with the ever-changing tactics of spammers consumes valuable hardware and personnel resources that would be better deployed elsewhere. Proven across scores of deployments across the globe, Cyren’s Anti-Spam Inbound service delivers industry-leading detection performance, allowing real-time blocking of spam and phishing in any language or format with virtually no false positives.

Unique technology

Cyren’s Anti-Spam Inbound service uses the patented Recurrent Pattern Detection™ (RPD) technology, which blocks spam based on its most fundamental characteristics - mass distribution and repeating patterns.

Spam and phishing outbreaks distributed via email share identifiable patterns such as: sender IP addresses; embedded URLs; and combinations of characters from the subject and body of the email. The RPD approach therefore does not rely on content scanning but rather uses detection based on:

  • Email distribution patterns—such as senders (how many, location) and the volume of the emails sent over a period of time
  • Structure patterns—in the email messages and attachments

This approach makes RPD equally effective against all types of spam in any location, format, content, or language. RPD has also proven to be resilient to changing spammer tactics. RPD analyzes billions of emails daily in real-time, recognizing and protecting against new spam outbreaks and phishing attacks the moment they emerge.

A global protection platform

Cyren’s Anti-Spam Inbound service is powered by the GlobalView™ Cloud, the largest global security platform of its type. GlobalView™ Cloud is deployed across 12 carrier-grade data centers and multiple worldwide traffic collection nodes, gathering billions of Internet transactions daily and protecting over 550 million users.

Why use Cyren’s Anti-Spam Inbound Service?

  • Increase customer satisfaction — from industry-leading high spam and phishing catch rates, coupled with near-zero false positives
  • Reduce hardware — with a proven, high performance, low maintenance solution
  • Lower TCO — our Unified Engine can deliver multiple security services, so you can add new features with minimal engineering
  • Simple integration — provided by a wide variety of industry-standard plugins
  • Free up skilled staff — with us there’s no need to keep up with new spam attack

How it works

RPD automatically analyzes the collected traffic to provide accurate spam and phishing classifications based on a unique global view of outbreaks.

Spam classifications are provided to the engine from a local cache, or, if the email patterns are not identified locally, via a fast query to the GlobalView™ Cloud. The result is instant protection from new outbreaks without any lag in updates.

Collaboration with customers led us to deliver an exceptionally flexible engine, suitable as an anti-spam core or as a complementary layer. Cyren’s Anti-Spam service is used in a wide range of hardware and software endpoints and offerings such as:

  • Messaging gateways and MTAs
  • UTMs and firewalls
  • Secure email gateways
  • Anti-virus
  • Desktop applications

Cyren technology is easily integrated into existing platforms, minimizing costs and time-to-market. Integration options includes industry plugins for: SpamAssassin, Parallels Plesk Panel, cPanel, Sendmail/Postfix, and MS Exchange, as well as a Standard RBL interface.


  • Single object integration
  • Small footprint
  • A comprehensive SDK (daemon or shared library) with multiple plugin options
  • Throughput: scales to hundreds of messages/sec per single processor
  • Minimal bandwidth and CPU requirements
Last updated: 2016