Threat Intelligence Services: Android Mobile Security

The Internet is pervasive throughout our business and personal lives, made freely accessible by high-powered mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. As these devices become more common, the volume and complexity of malware targeting them has grown. Cyren’s GlobalView™ Lab has seen a steep increase in Android-specific threats - from 6,000 in January 2012 to over 140,000 per month by the end of 2013.

Based on the same embedded engine trusted by many of the largest technology vendors in the world, Cyren’s Android Mobile Security gives vendors and service providers a powerful tool to combat this growing challenge as well as providing a solid differentiator to enable them to grow market share and revenue.

Flexibility with simple integration

Delivered as an easily integrated SDK, Cyren’s Android Mobile Security is designed to help you bring your enhanced solution to market in record time. Cyren is focused on partners, with years of experience integrating our embedded technology into a wide range of devices and applications, including mobile.

The Cyren support organization will work with you to ensure a smooth, fast integration so you can focus on increasing your market share and revenue. Our flexible, partner orientation includes commercial arrangements that fit virtually any business model.

An ideal foundation

Cyren’s Android Mobile Security is a perfect security foundation for a range of partners, including:

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms
  • Business app developers
  • Security vendors
  • App stores
  • Device manufacturers
  • Mobile operators

Why use Cyren’s Android Mobile Security?

  • Grow revenue — with quick differentiation for a fraction of the build price, vendors and service providers can easily add industry-leading antivirus and Web security to Android offerings
  • Great user experience — fast scanning, low CPU and low runtime memory use ensure a great user experience. Definition file updates are small to limit bandwidth usage.
  • Protect against known and previously unseen malware — our superior detection is based on a combination of heuristics, signatures, and Cyren GlobalView Cloud detection, specifically tailored for Android
  • Protect against phishing, malware and Web threats — Android Mobile Security includes highly accurate Web security backed by Cyren’s GlobalView Cloud
  • Up-sell opportunities — Web security functionality can expand to full URL filtering, enabling applications like parental control, enterprise compliance, and productivity

How it works

Cyren’s embedded engine is based on a modular framework that enables rapid addition of new detection mechanisms to address new threats -particularly important in the growing mobile malware environment of today. Each Threat Protection Module within the framework is designed to scan specific objects (e.g.: PDF file scanner) or search for specific virus types (e.g.: polymorphic virus scanner).

Once integrated, Cyren’s Android Mobile Security downloads malware detection rules and signatures automatically from the Cyren GlobalView Cloud. A small local URL cache provides immediate indication when malicious URLs are detected. This cache is also updated from the URL database within Cyren’s GlobalView Cloud. Cyren offers varied deployment models that allow you to finely tune the solutions’ dependence on the cloud.


  • Low memory, bandwidth, battery usage
  • For all versions of Android V2.2 and above
  • Auto-update of engine and definition files
  • Non-rooted device support
  • Full anti-malware SDK detects worms, Trojans, spyware, adware and other potentially unwanted application types
  • On demand and on access scanning
  • Scan files, apps, SMS/MMS, and email attachments
  • Small definition files, optimized for Android
  • Compressed file support
  • Detailed threat feedback via simple API, including detection accuracy and type
Last updated: 2016