Is your web security really working?

Why move your web security to the cloud?

As a 100% cloud-delivered service, Cyren Web Security provides a quick-to-deploy, easy-to-manage SaaS secure web security gateway product for business. Our multi-layered cloud defenses protect your users from advanced malware, ransomware, and phishing wherever they are, and on whatever device they may be using, while a powerful policy and reporting engine provides superior visibility and control of web usage.

  • Block malware, phishing, ransomware, and malicious sites
  • Stop zero-day threats and advanced evasive malware via cloud sandboxing
  • Enforce web usage policies
  • Protect any user, anywhere, on any device
  • Lower your costs compared to security appliances
  • SaaS simplicity makes it easy to deploy and manage

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Is Your Web Security Working? How to Test and Tune Your Web Security

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Detection to protection, at the speed of cloud

Leveraging real-time threat intelligence from 600 million users and 17+ billion web and email transactions every day, Cyren’s multi-layered cloud security stack identifies and blocks cyber threats more accurately and responds to emerging Internet attacks more quickly than possible with any on-premises security appliance. Your users receive the broadest protection from both known and previously-unknown threats, including viruses and malware, phishing attacks, ransomware, compromised and malicious web sites, and botnets, while our patent-pending cloud sandboxing blocks zero-day threats and APTs.

  • Blocks known and unknown malicious URLs, malware, phishing and botnet sites, APTs and zero-day attacks
  • Blocks outbound botnet calls to “command-and-control” servers
  • Finds hidden threats in encrypted SSL traffic
  • Blocks identified threats cloud-wide in seconds

Protect all your users, anywhere, on any device

Simply point your web traffic to the Cyren global cloud to deliver uniform security and policy enforcement for road warriors and remote offices. Protect roaming users on their laptops, tablets and mobile devices, no matter where they are – on or off your network. Secure your remote offices, warehouses, and stores without the need to deploy hardware everywhere or backhaul web traffic to your data center. Your users can now go direct-to-web, with full security and policy enforcement and less latency.

  • Inspects inbound and outbound traffic
  • Enforces web use policies
  • Protects mobile employees and remote offices
  • Allows secure direct-to-cloud Internet access
  • Global visibility, control and reporting
  • Reduce user friction with SAML single sign-on

Monitor and manage web usage

Cyren Web Security Gateway products give you unprecedented real-time visibility into your web usage and security performance. Our web dashboard provides at-a-glance status of web traffic, shadow IT, and your security posture, while comprehensive and customizable reports give you a detailed picture of your users’ web activity. Pre-defined policy templates make it simple to create and apply granular web usage policies for your users across the organization.

  • Web-based dashboard
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Easy-to-use policy management
  • BYOD policy support

Monitor and control access to cloud applications

Cloud application access controls provide insight into the extent of "shadow IT" at your company and enable you to properly control your network. Access to all sanctioned and unsanctioned applications is logged and you can report on users, transaction volumes and bandwidth usage. Granular policy controls enable blocking of unsanctioned applications by user and group to enforce your corporate information security policy.

  • Shadow IT discovery and control
  • Full reporting on cloud application usage by user
  • Block access to cloud applications by user and group
  • Supports over 2500 cloud applications

SaaS simplicity drives a lower TCO

Quick to deploy, easy to manage, comprehensive in coverage, requiring just a subscription to start—Cyren delivers web security at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). As a 100% cloud service, Cyren Web Security Gateway products eliminate the cost and complexity of appliance hardware and data center resources. With no hardware CAPEX, patching and upgrades, extra IT staffing, or maintenance charges added on, Cyren dramatically reduces your security costs.

  • Global SaaS platform
  • User-based subscription
  • No hardware, no software
  • On- and off-network protection, worldwide
  • Eliminates costly traffic backhaul
  • Easy-to-use policy management
  • Superior security reduces cost of re-imaging infected computers

The world's largest security cloud

Cyren’s Internet security services are powered by our GlobalView™ security cloud, the industry’s largest security network, allowing us to detect threats faster and more effectively than anyone else in the industry. Every day, the GlobalView cloud processes over 17 billion web and email transactions generated by over 600 million users. Cyren delivers this threat intelligence from the cloud in real time, wherever and whenever it’s needed – blocking over 130 million threats and detecting thousands of new, never-before-seen malicious files, URLs, IP addresses, and phishing sites.

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100% cloud. No hardware or software required.

DNS Security

Automated internet security in minutes for all users at your business locations

Ideal for companies seeking best-in-class web filtering and malicious site protection

Web Security Plus

Comprehensive web gateway security with SSL, mobile, and zero-day threat protection

Ideal for security-conscious organizations seeking follow-the-user, multi-layered protection

Web Security Advanced

The most advanced security with cloud sandboxing and threat forensics

Ideal for companies with security operations requiring deep forensic detail

25B Security Transactions Daily

1.3B Users Protected

300M Threats Blocked Daily