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Up-to-the-minute URL classifications and secure web browsing for all devices

Leading URL filtering performance

Cyren’s Embedded URL Filtering optimizes Internet security by controlling access to inappropriate or malicious sites for web gateways, network and security devices, mobile devices, and desktop or mobile applications. The key to its high-performing URL filtering is real-time data and analysis; Cyren’s own GlobaView™ Cloud processes over 12 BILLION Internet transactions per day and is augmented by an additional 200+ global sources, enabling us to maintain data on approximately 140 MILLION of the most relevant URLs to provide the broadest and most accurate URL protection available.

Cyren Embedded URL Filtering products and services provide:

  • Real-time protection from emerging web threats on all devices, including smart phones and tablets, as well as a great user experience with low latency, deep coverage, and high accuracy.
  • A “Direct To Center” deployment model which enables deployment on any platform, even when no local storage is available.
  • A uniquely small footprint to optimize performance for mobile devices.
  • HR compliance/regulation by blocking access to questionable content.
  • Accurate, detailed categorizations that enable enhanced productivity through employee browser management plus parental controls on mobile devices.

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Ultra-low latency, superior accuracy, and broad global coverage on any device

Cyren Embedded URL Filtering products can be deployed in appliances, network/security devices, smart phones, tablets, and desktop, and mobile applications. All queries are satisfied immediately, protecting the browser from malicious and inappropriate content while allowing prompt access to clean or approved sites.

Cyren Embedded Cloud-Based URL Filtering’s benefits include:

  • Great user experience – All URL requests are satisfied in a few milliseconds or less, so latency is never added. This, in combination with the depth of coverage and high accuracy of categorization, ensures the best possible browsing experience. Our Embedded URL Filtering utilizes a local cache that automatically customizes itself by location to deliver the most relevant data at the fastest speed.
  • Secure web browsing – The Cyren GlobalView™ Cloud provides the broadest, most up-to-date coverage of URL data, including the highest categorization accuracy based on our powerful analysis engines and global data sources.
  • Parental controls – Cyren’s Embedded URL Filtering enables advanced parental control systems.
  • Broad coverage – URLs are sorted into 64 discrete categories; up to 5 categories per URL, with 8 security-related categories. Cyren’s URL Filtering solution is also language and content-agnostic for global coverage and is available in a deployment model to fit the smallest of platforms, such as mobile devices.

What others are saying...

While examining multiple competing URL filtering solutions, including other market leaders, we were immediately impressed with the flexibility and coverage offered by the Cyren GlobalView™ Cloud. In the competitive market of online security, Cyren's unique data cloud architecture boasts unmatched accuracy and zero hour security coverage, and is what most attracted us to this technology partnership.

Li Song – CEO, Anchiva

Anchiva integrated Cyren URL Filtering into its Secure Web Gateway solutions

Powerful analytics and billions of data points ensure security

Cyren’s Embedded URL Filtering products are powered by our GlobalView™ Cloud infrastructure – which processes more than 12 BILLION internet transactions every day – providing both instantaneous and predicative detection to protect users and corporations from malicious and inappropriate content, while ensuring no disruption in clean and/or approved browsing.

As users browse, the endpoint intercepts URL requests and queries the embedded URLF engine for the URL categorization. The engine first checks its local cache for a matching URL; typically more than 99% of queries get an immediate local response from the cache. The engine queries the Cyren GlobalView™ Cloud for URLs that are not in the local cache. These are then added to the local cache increasing accuracy. Once a category response has been provided by the Cyren Embedded URL Filter, the endpoint can block, allow, or strip content according to the policies defined per category.

25B Security Transactions Daily

1.3B Users Protected

300M Threats Blocked Daily