Internet security
is a race against time

With Cyren
Without Cyren
"Cyren's time of click protection blocked access to malicious websites that our existing web proxy allowed."

– Technical Lead, IT Operations FINEOS

Cloud-wide detection


Full coverage of all internet threat vectors including web, email, and DNS.


Comprehensive view of global traffic ranging across geographies, languages, and protocols.


Leverage big data analytics, AI, and machine learning to identify even the most evasive threats.

Architected for cloud scale

Unknown Threat Detection

  • Cyren proprietary detection engines leveraging big data analytics, advanced heuristics, recurrent pattern detection, behavioral sandboxing, and machine learning technologies
  • Single-pass streaming architecture applies multiple detection techniques in parallel
  • Fully automated real-time threat identification with zero human intervention
  • Multi-vector threat analysis across web, DNS, email, and files
  • Distributed, massively scalable, fault tolerant

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Identify security gaps now with Cyren's free online web security test. In less than 30 seconds, you will know if you may be vulnerable to cyber threats – from malware to phishing attacks to botnets.

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Email Security Gap Analysis report

Cyren examined 11.7 million inbound emails at companies using various email security solutions to measure any possible "security gaps" in their protection – download the aggregated report.

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See how our cloud-based suite of security services eliminates complexity and allows new products and features to be turned on with a simple click.

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