Outbound Anti-Spam Services

Don’t risk the blacklist — neutralize spam emanating from your network.

Detect and stop spam, malware, and phishing outbreaks quickly and accurately

Cyren Outbound Anti-spam is designed specifically to neutralize spam originating from within your infrastructure. Spam attacks emanating from within cause irreparable damage to business and network reputation, not to mention customer confidence.  Because the problem differs significantly from spam that originates externally, Cyren has developed a unique solution, using its patented GlobalView™ Cloud technology, to detect outbound spam rapidly and accurately, blocking outbreaks as they start. Cyren Outbound Spam Filtering:

  • Blocks, spam, malware, and phishing originating on internal infrastructure in real-time.
  • Blocks any type of attacker, including zombie computers, compromised accounts, spammer accounts, and webmail spam.
  • Identifies the source, alerts the abuse/fraud detection team, and provides samples of unwanted traffic.
  • Includes multiple plugin options and is delivered via a comprehensive SDK (daemon or shared library).
  • Integrates easily into existing platforms, minimizing costs and time-to-market.
  • Uses low resources—Cyren’s uniquely small footprint fits any hardware or software environment without affecting performance.

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Anti-Spam Outbound Service

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Preventing Outbound Spam & Blacklisting

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Fighting Spam, Phishing and Malware with Recurrent Pattern Detection

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Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction

Customer loss, increased operational cost, brand damage, and even lawsuits are some of the possible consequences of spam emanating from your network. Cyren Outbound Spam Filtering services deliver maximum protection from outbound spam, malware, and phishing; benefits include:

  • Enhanced reputation — Secure your IP reputation by blocking outbound spam before it leaves your system.
  • Reduced cost — Eliminate expense associated with resolving blocked IP addresses, handling upset customers, increasing existing hardware, and support staff.
  • Reduced recurrence — Block spam and alert the fraud detection/abuse team with all the information required to identify and eradicate the source.
  • Improved customer satisfaction — A near zero false positive rate ensures customers enjoy high service levels without disruptions.

What Cyren customers are saying...

With Cyren, our ISP customers instantly identify and stop zombie and intentional spammers, keep customers’ mail flowing, prevent blacklisting and maintain their reputation.

Frank Knifsend – SVP, Products, Marketing & Ops, Mirapoint

Patented technology stops outbound spam, phishing, and malware outbreaks

Cyren patented Recurrent Pattern Detection technology analyzes and compares email traffic to established local and global patterns, detecting outbound spam within seconds. All malware, spam, or phishing emails found are deleted immediately and a full report detailing their source along with samples of malicious emails is sent to the administrator for remediation.

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