Cyren Threat InDepth

Unique and timely threat intelligence feeds to supercharge your email, malware, and web defenses. Seeing is believing.

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Cyren Threat InDepth

Realtime Cyber Threat Intelligence that helps you see more threats and stop them sooner

Cyren recognizes the importance of evolving threats and gathers actionable intelligence by analyzing and processing billions of daily transactions in Cyren GlobalView™ Threat Intelligence cloud. By correlating insights gathered across email content, web traffic, and suspicious files; Cyren provides security teams with a multi-dimensional presentation of critical threat characteristics. Powered by our GlobalView platform, Cyren Threat InDepth is available to technology partners as the following threat intelligence feeds.

IP Reputation Intelligence


Phishing & Fraud URL Intelligence


Malware URL Intelligence


Malware File Intelligence


What Makes Threat InDepth Unique

First to Detect, First to Protect

Provides timely intelligence before other vendors

Global and expanded focus

Provides unique threat visibility into the real-time threat landscape

Machine generated, human curated

30 years of threat intelligence expertise with next generation threat detection technology

Synchronized Intelligence

Correlated, contextualized insights that speed up threat detection and response

3 Pillars Of Cyren Threat Intelligence


  • Zero-day, most recent threats
  • Updated frequently
  • Detect on transport, not infection


  • Coverage not available from other providers
  • Threat types
  • Unique value
  • Proprietary sources


  • Low FP rate
  • Low FN rate
  • Prevalent and meaningful
  • Rich metadata

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