Malware Attack Detection

Provide protection from the earliest moments of a malware outbreak.

Stop malware in its tracks

As your customers face increasingly well-executed and socially engineered malware attacks, Cyren’s Malware Attack Detection solution offers the extra layer of protection needed to keep them safe. Cyren Malware Attack Detection provides a complementary layer to conventional Antivirus technology, delivering added protection in the earliest moments of malware outbreaks and continuing as each new variant emerges. Cyren’s Malware Attack Detection solution:

  • Offers a fully automated real-time solution, with a small footprint and zero human intervention.
  • Supports any version of Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows, and others.
  • Requires very low CPU and memory load.
  • Analyzes hundreds of messages per section per processor for enhanced efficiency.
  • Accelerates signature production through Cyren-specific alerts.
  • Available as a component of Cyren Anti-spam or as a standalone solution.

Powered by the Cyren GlobalView™ Security Cloud, the largest threat analysis platform in the world and operational across multiple worldwide high-availability data centers, Cyren’s Malware Attack Detection technology is supported by patented and proven recurrent pattern detection technology which analyzes billions of globally collected emails every day to detect zero-hour malware outbreaks.

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Stop malware outbreaks at the onset. Designed for service providers and anti-spam and appliance vendors, this solution catches malware up to 30 hours earlier than other AV solutions.

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Easy integration – high malware detection rates

Cyren designed the Malware Attack Detection solution specifically to meet the needs of service providers, Anti-spam vendors, security appliance vendors, and Antivirus vendors, providing a value-added benefit to existing Antivirus technology. By adding Malware Attack Detection to your current product, you enjoy:

  • Easy integration and the ability to get your product to market fast.
  • High malware detection rates from the very start of email-attached outbreaks.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction due to real-time protection from email-borne malware with almost zero false positives.
  • Increased revenue by adding a premium messaging security solution to your current offerings.
  • Simplified operations & improved total cost of ownership by working with a single vendor for Internet security services; the same engine can provide Anti-spam and Antivirus detection.

What Cyren customers are saying...

Cyren has a long track record of consistently delivering top outbreak detection for spam and viruses. As the battle to make email safe heats up, I am confident with Cyren as our ally.

Peter Falck – CEO, Halon Security

Powerful analytics detect malware outbreaks at the zero-hour

Cyren’s Malware Attack Detection solution is powered by our GlobalView™ Cloud infrastructure – which processes more than 17 BILLION internet transactions every day – and is supported by patented and proven recurrent pattern detection (RPD) technology which analyzes billions of emails daily to detect zero-hour malware outbreaks.

Cyren’s RPD technology complements your existing Antivirus engines with detection based on email distribution patterns such as the number and location of senders and the volume of the emails sent over a period of time, and structure patterns in the email messages and attachments. The Malware Attack Detection engine queries a local cache of detection signatures to determine if the scanned attachment is malware.  If the signature is not found locally, a small query signature (not the attachment) is sent to Cyren’s GlobalView™ Cloud for further analysis. If the query signature is diagnosed as malware, the email and attachments are flagged as such; if not, the email is cleared for transmission to its recipient.

25B Security Transactions Daily

1.3B Users Protected

300M Threats Blocked Daily