IP Reputation

Expand your messaging security solution breadth and value

Identify and classify malicious content at the source

Achieve unparalleled performance and detection levels, blocking unwanted network traffic before it enters customer networks. Cyren’s IP Reputation solution identifies, classifies, and tags malware, spam, or phishing efforts at the source, blocking 85%+ of spam at your network perimeter. Use IP Reputation to determine, in real time, the validity of an online resource, identify hundreds of thousands of new zombies every day, and accurately classify billions of email messages per week.

IP Reputation supports standard mail transfer agent (MTA) platforms, is highly scalable (4000+ messages per second), and provides multiple deployment options, including local daemon for built-in caching and failover (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and Windows). In addition, the solution offers HTTP, UDP, and RBL/RBL+ interfaces and Cloud access via user datagram protocol (UDP), which requires no software installation.

  • Real-time botnet detection – under a minute from start of attack.
  • High accuracy assessment based on the Cyren GlobalView™ Cloud.
  • Rich data set per IP, to enable blocking, throttling, and allowing; IP classification; IP risk level; volume and volume spikes; spam ratio/spikes; and valid bulk data, such as newsletters.

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Learn more about tracking, identifying, classifying, and blocking unwanted 'zombie' botnet traffic in real time, before it attempts to breach your network perimeter.

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Spam, phishing, and malware costs businesses billions each year. Learn how security solutions with recurrent pattern detection (RPD) technology can detect, classify, and protect businesses in real time.

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Block malicious content and increase customer satisfaction

Add value to your services and increase customer satisfaction with Cyren IP Reputation by blocking email-borne malware and phishing at the source, before they reach your network. Benefits include:

  • Increased overall security by filtering the majority of email-borne viruses, worms, and Trojans before they enter the network.
  • Optimized bandwidth performance; by blocking >85% of unwanted traffic at the perimeter, bandwidth, and resource use is substantially reduced, improving the Quality of Service for remaining traffic.
  • Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction from improved service levels.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership; your engineers will no longer need to keep up with new spam attack tactics and sources.
  • Increased security through the ability to verify whether connecting systems are trustworthy before you transact with them.
  • Quick and easy expansion of your messaging security solution breadth and value.
  • Reduction in your customers’ operational overhead, enabling higher throughput for their systems

What others are saying...

Spam volumes increased dramatically, so we searched for an edge blocking solution for our customers to help reduce their bandwidth and infrastructure costs. Cyren IP Reputation prevents over 85% of spam email from ever entering our customers’ networks. In addition, by selecting Cyren Recurrent Pattern Detection™ (RPD) technology we can provide them with significantly better spam detection. So overall, our customers will get better spam detection and reduced infrastructure costs, at the same price as our previous email filtering solution.

Tripp Allen – President, Ipswitch Messaging Division

Accurate IP reputation data derived from billions of daily transactions

The Cyren GlobalView Cloud platform analyzes billions of transactions every day. As it detects an IP address sending spam or other malicious content, it classifies the address as an untrustworthy source. This alerts the entire Cyren ecosystem that content from this IP is not to be trusted at this time.

25B Security Transactions Daily

1.3B Users Protected

300M Threats Blocked Daily