Anti-Spam Inbound Service

Protect from spam and phishing outbreaks the moment they emerge.

Proven spam and phishing detection performance

Cyren Inbound Anti-spam protection services deliver proven and industry-leading detection, allowing real-time blocking of spam and phishing in any language or format with virtually no false positives. Powered by Cyren’s patented Recurrent Pattern Detection technology (RPD), Inbound Anti-spam prevents attacks while allowing you to maintain strict privacy for your customers’ email contents.

Cyren Inbound Anti-spam Protection Service:

  • Offers an exceptionally flexible engine, suitable as an Anti-spam core or as a complementary layer.
  • Can be used in a wide range of hardware and software endpoints and offerings such as messaging gateways and mail transfer agents (MTA), unified threat management solutions (UTM) and firewalls, secure email gateways, other Antivirus software, and desktop applications.
  • Includes multiple plugin options and is delivered via a comprehensive SDK (daemon or shared library).
  • Scales to hundreds of messages/sec per single processor.

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Spam isn't going away, and distribution tactics are changing daily. Learn more about the techniques used in anti-spam solutions to detect and block spam and phishing in real time.

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Learn more about the characteristics that make spam, phishing, and malware unique and how security experts use Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology to detect and classify email threats.

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Explore the concept of layered security to combat the increasing variety of threats. Understand how combining different security techniques, such as heuristics and recurring pattern detection, can improve protection.

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Superior performance. Increased customer satisfaction.

Cyren answers the increasing malware threats with a proactive system that maximizes performance and differentiates you from your competitors. Benefits include:

  • Increased customer satisfaction – Add premium Anti-spam to your current offerings.
  • Reduced costs – Engineers no longer need to keep up with new spam attack tactics and sources. Cyren does it for you.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – Inbound Anti-spam offers high-performance, low maintenance, and proven protection, and is easily integrated into existing platforms, minimizing costs and time-to-market.
  • Low resource requirements – Inbound Anti-spam puts little demand on resources, requiring minimal bandwidth and CPU; Cyren’s uniquely small footprint fits into any hardware or software environment without affecting performance.

What Cyren customers are saying...

Cyren [Inbound Anti-spam] technology is amongst the most powerful and responsive we’ve seen. The ability to automatically analyze billions of Internet transactions in real-time and identify new threats as they emerge, means we can reassure our customers that their email infrastructures are as safe as they could possibly be, and that our software is always one step ahead of new threats.

Andrew Millington – CEO, Exclaimer

Powerful analytics deliver maximum protection

The Cyren GlobalView Cloud analyzes billions of transactions every day, across the world. The result of this analysis is a system so well informed that it detects new spam outbreaks or phishing attacks the moment they emerge.

Cyren Inbound Anti-spam protection services are delivered as an embedded SDK that can serve either as an Anti-spam core, or as a complementary layer within existing platforms.  RPD automatically analyzes the collected traffic to provide accurate spam and phishing classifications based on a unique global view of outbreaks.

25B Security Transactions Daily

1.3B Users Protected

300M Threats Blocked Daily