Is your email security really working?

Email protection at the speed of cloud

Cyren Email Security is a cloud-based secure email gateway that filters your organization’s inbound and outbound email to protect users from cyber threats and spam. Powered by the Cyren GlobalView™ security cloud, Cyren Email Security Gateway products deliver the fastest and most comprehensive security in the industry. And as a 100% SaaS service, it’s easy to buy, deploy, and manage.

  • Block malware, phishing, spear phishing, and spam emails at the perimeter of your network, before they consume any of your bandwidth
  • Advanced threat protection including cloud sandboxing, malware outbreak protection, and time-of-click analysis
  • Protection from Business Email Compromise (BEC), CEO fraud, whaling and impostor emails
  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF) provides email validation to prevent spoofing
  • Policy-based encryption of email traffic for senders and recipients
  • Outbound protection blocks botnet-infected devices from sending malware or spam from your domain

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How Do You Know Your Email Security Is Working?

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What Cyren customers are saying...

I'd conservatively say we've saved at least 3 hours a day of one of our sysadmin's time in trying to respond to staff with requests.

Head of IT – FINEOS

SaaS simple

Cyren Email Security is a 100% cloud-based service that delivers on the promise of SaaS simplicity – quick to deploy, easy to manage, and less expensive to operate. With a simple per-user subscription pricing model, you pay as you go, expanding service usage according to your needs. And with no hardware or software to deploy, manage, patch, and upgrade, its much less expensive to operate.

  • SaaS ease of deployment – just configure
  • Reduced administrative overhead, no maintenance, no updates
  • Easy-to-use policy management eliminates misconfiguration
  • Reduced staff time remediating infections and managing quarantine
  • Centralized visibility with comprehensive reporting in web-based Cyren Admin Console
  • Subscription model with lowest TCO

Strong security for Office 365 and G Suite

Don’t compromise on security when you move your email to the cloud. Whether you’re using Office 365, Exchange Online, G Suite, or some other cloud-based email service, Cyren Email Security Gateway products provide you with the advanced security you need in today’s sophisticated threat environment.

  • Proven security to stop sophisticated phishing attacks and ransomware
  • Advanced threat protection includes cloud sandboxing, malware outbreak protection, and time-of-click analysis
  • Quarantine and sandbox suspicious URLs and attachments
  • Simple, fast setup gets you up and running in minutes

Part of an integrated internet security suite

Cyren Email Security is part of Cyren’s internet security-as-a-service suite, which includes email security, web security, DNS security, and cloud sandboxing. With a rich, multi-channel view of internet traffic to a single point of administration, this cloud-based suite of security services eliminates complexity and allows new products and features to be turned on with a simple click.

  • Integrated management for all services simplifies administration
  • Unified services dashboard, reporting, onboarding, and license management
  • Advanced threat protection and cloud sandboxing can simply be turned on for web and email security
  • Platform includes a common policy framework across web and email security gateway products and services
  • Seamless integration with Cyren Email Archiving

Stop advanced threats with inline sandboxing

Today’s zero-day threats and Advanced Persistent Threat attacks use sophisticated tactics in order to evade detection, requiring a level of analysis—and accompanying processing power—beyond the capabilities of traditional appliances. As an integrated layer of our email security service, Cyren Sandboxing provides in-line analysis of suspicious files and links in email traffic before they reach your users, wherever they are, scaling easily to identify malicious behavior more effectively, even threats hidden in encrypted SSL traffic.

  • Multi-layered security protects you from known and previously unknown, advanced threats
  • Cloud sandboxing provides full behavioral analysis of suspicious email attachments in-line, before they reach the user
  • Based on new patent-pending cloud sandbox array technology which produces better analysis and deeper threat intelligence
  • Once a new threat is identified, all users are immediately protected
  • Easy-to-activate as part of SaaS service

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